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Erdész Róbert
Meeting Point world music

Enlarge this picture! Hungary - meeting point crossroads of cultures.
It is not world-wide empires, almighty emperors or bloodthirsty conquerors that Hungary has given to the world. Only a special, all-embracing yet unique, culture.
This is what this album reflects. The multi-coloured nature.
The effects that have touched upon our souls and formed our culture. Compiling authentic pieces was not our aim. This album is a game. A game with the elements that have ever had effects on the people of Hungary. The elements of today, the turn of the century and hundreds of years.
Hungarian world music
It was basically the film, Csaba Káel's film of Hungary, that inspired us. But for my musican friends, this album could never have been recorded, hence the plural form. Every one of them added something to the album. Something unique that could have been added by him on her only. Because, somehow different ideas came to each one's minds - of the same thing. Sometimes we arrived at points totally different from where we had started. Born of these processes, the music forms a meeting pointamong us as well. The crossroads for the sixteen of us.

Márta Sebestyén - vocal, flute
Zsuzsa Ullmann - vocal
Ildikó Keresztes - vocal
Emil Tóth - vocal
György Demeter - vocal
Gusztáv Bódi Varga - vocal, mouth organ
Attila Kollár (Solaris) - flute
János Varga (ex-East) - guitar
Péter Gerendás - acoustic guitar
Ferenc Muck - sax
László Gömör (Solaris) - drums
Áron Eredics (Söndörgő) - tambura
Mihály Borbély (Vujicsics) - tárogató
Batyu (Muzsikás) - ütőgardon, csujogatás
Tamás Erdész - doromb
Róbert Erdész - keyboards

1.Mitocondrial Eve (3:53)
2.Barbaro (4:36)
3.Shaman Celebration (5:02)
4.Gregorian (4:36)
5.Ritual Song (4:32)
6.Phantom Dance (2:57)
7.Our Times... (3:40)
8.Israel (5:11)
9.Virtual Days (3:03)
10.Liliana (4:15)
11.Present Song (3:58)
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