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Upper Level Open Space progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Chris Fournier / bass, lead and 12 string guitars, keyboards, drum programming

1.Stardaze at the Summit (9:38)
2.14,000 feet (3:42)
3.Infinite Visions (6:32)
4.Guadalupe from Sierra Diablo (5:55)
5.Alpine Aquarium (4:19)
6.Sundog (8:05)
7.Acadia (6:36)
8.Enchanted Rock (5:24)
9.Mountain of God (10:40)
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FGBG 4285 CD 1999   14.00
Perfect Cosmological Principle psychedelic space space

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1.Tetrabiblos (Ptolemy, 200 AD) (9:36)
2.Spiral Structure in Virgo (4:50)
3.Flight of the Rigel Orion (14:02)
4.Mare Nektaris (6:27)
5.Flash Spectrum Scanning Helium Horizon (9:13)
6.Uniform Expansion and the Perfect Cosmological Principle (19:43)
7.Delerium's Gate (7:36)
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KDCD 1024 CD 1998   10.00
In Flux psychedelic space space

Enlarge this picture! Chris Fournier
- Guitars: Guild S300-D 6-String Electric Guitar Washburn XS-5 5-String Bass Guitar
- Keyboards: Ensoniq ESQ-1 Synthesizer Akai X7000 Sampler Yamaha FB01 Tone Module
- Drums: Roland R8 mk II Drum Machine Sequencer (used for keyboard, drum, effect, and light tracks): Amiga 2000 running Bars&Pipes and MIDIQuest

1.Sudden Shift
2.X Transporter
3.Totally Organic
4.The Late Nite Space Show
5.Behind Closed Doors
6.Towers Of Babble
7.Fleabitten Cat
8.From Maine Nights To Sodium Lights
9.The Cumulus Corridor
11.Los Endos / Hairless Heart
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KDCD 1014 CD 1995   10.00
Soul Travels psychedelic space space

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1.Universel Man
3.Route Two
5.Life Within Light
7.Soul Travels
9.Virtual Telepathy
10.The Catalyst Of Dream
11.The Sea
12.Thou Art That
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KDCD 1007 CD 1993   14.00