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world music

Enlarge this picture! Klára Korzenszky - vocal
Barbara Kuczera - violin, vocal
Dávid Eredics - sax, clarinet, kaval
Zoltán Krulik - guitar, vocal
Attila Boros - bass
László Keönch - drums, cajon, udu, derbuka, jewish harp Badics Márk - drums

3.Gyere már
5.Hold ült a szemeden
6.Régi álom
7.Majd eszedbe jutok még
8.Gyere ki te
9.Duna vize
10.Jó szél
11.Szabad élet
12.Kicsiny madár
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ZPCD 018 CD 2016   14.00
Holdfényt vetettem world music

Enlarge this picture!

1.A hangod akkor a legszebb
2.Nénéd elment
3.Ha vihar jő
4.A csiga
5.Nyitva és zárva
6.Kút vize
7.Táncol a Hold
9.Én is világot hódítani jöttem
10.Könnyű az álom
11.Amikor még
12.Víztorlasztó hegyfalak
13.Holdfényt vetettem
14.Halkabb a nádak éneke
16.Nől a dér
17.Zöld csoda-fény
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ZPCD 016 CD 2015   14.00
(Napének - válogatás)
world music

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1.Napének (4:09)
2.Ilju (4:02)
3.Sámán (4:09)
4.Van e tenéked (5:02)
5.Fut a tél lova (2:39)
6.Kár (2:11)
7.Tolvaj idő (4:56)
8.Ősz (3:33)
9.Szindbád (3:48)
10.Holló fekete álom (3:18)
11.Hajda szélben (4:27)
12.Soha már (4:20)
13.Hazafelé (2:49)
14.Hora Tet (4:55)
15.Széki blues (1:52)
16.Ho Klang Ti (6:26)
17.Keleti átjáró (4:08)
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ZPCD 015 CD 2014   14.00
Robinzon Kruzo rock world music

Enlarge this picture! "It is not the first time that the Makám band, assiduously active at the threshold of its third decade, or rather its director Zoltán Krulik appears with a surprisingly new feature. This time, the composer-guitarist-lyricist even proud of an independent volume of poetry has not set his well-known formation of ethno-folk-world music profile into foreground but he himself has come to the middle of the stage, to the front-line – as „CruSo” (pronounced KruZo) at that. The fact of an author’s record is not very surprising (as almost all of the Makám-CDs are Krulik-works) but this time he has played parts shouldered never before: solo singing, rock music and chanson-like conception of songs including personal and family experiences.

This kind of conception and programme is to be recommended to all those composers and performers (over the age of sixty according to the meaning) who have a nearly four decade long creative experience on the stage with an authorship of two to three books and sixteen discs at the least, and distinguished by a clear and humane scale of values. Creators coming up to all of these requirements might have a chance of producing something unique, getting rid of any label previously pasted on them. So we do not maintain a relation to a project of music but to an artist – either to be understood or not even to have a try.

Incidentally to be heard from the recording are very strong texts with manifold metaphors, wide rock music and chanson-like world music tending to nostalgia – following from the natural as well as slightly capricious prompts of the author. It’s no wonder because the pictures of the 20th century are flashing from a micro-view and one from above."
László Matisz

Zoltán Krulik – vocal, guitar
Zóra Hornai – vocal
Dávid Eredics – soprano sax
Tamás Zámbó – guitar
Attila Boros – bass
Márk Badics - drums

1.Fekete angyal (3:19)
2.Káros szenvedély (3:05)
3.Vízöntő kor (3:10)
4.Nézem a videót – in memoriam Jackie Orszáczky (5:50)
5.Világítótorony (4:39)
6.Forog az ég (3:41)
7.Café Bábel (4:41)
8.Cseh Tamásé (4:52)
9.Üres a ház (3:45)
10.Anyácskám, anyácskám (3:25)
11.Sárga Villamos (3:22)
12.Minden elmúlik (2:57)
13.Balatoni nyár (3:50)
14.Titanic (5:32)
15.A szívem úgy zakatol (2:50)
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ZPCD 013 CD 2012   14.00
Waiting for Stars
kids world music

Enlarge this picture! The new CD called Waiting for Stars invites friends for another tour. Our gide is a magic ball, a starry soap-bubble, and anybody looking at it can see the whole world inside. We are getting to the fabulous commotion of India and, were we interested in Emperor Rudolph’s medieval court in Prague, time-tour wouldn’t be impossible either, could we overcome the giant Golem. Then guide-on-me to the green where we can watch how tiny froglets are being born in pritty puddles, but we have to take care of the greedy pond tortoise. Blown in the wind, we accidentally drop in a beetle-dance clouded by a congregation of swallows. The sun plays hide-and-seek behind hills, and our magic ball finds us at the back of beyond where ends meet. We can watch animals rambling at night, the hedgehog being out hunting, butterflies tumbling into the halo of a lamp and the busy spider. At last, when even crickets fall asleep and the last soap-bubble bursts, we are waited for by the star-showering night and the dream world.

Zóra Hornai - voice
Klára Korzenszky - voice
Olga Horváth - violin, vocal
Dávid Eredics - winds
Zoltán Krulik - guitar, voice
Attila Boros - bass guitar, vocal
László Farkas Keönch - drums, percussion, beatbox, vocal, "Elemér"

János Vázsonyi - saxophone

1.Kicsi lány / Little Girl
2.Bogárbál / Beetle Ball
3.Ebihal / Tadpole
4.Gólem / Golem
5.Fújja a szél / Blown in the Wind
6.Mikulás / Miki Miki
7.Kár / Its’a Pity
8.Három király / The Magi
9.Mai Manó / Manó Mai
10.Szappanbuborék / Soap-Bubble
11.Csillagváró / Waiting for Stars
12.Hétrétország / Seven Fields Country
13.Elemér / Elmer
14.Nem sokáig lesz így / It Won’t be So for Long
15.Büdös pipa / Stinky Pipe
16.Tollpihe / Floccus
17.Buta lepke / Stupid Butterfly
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ZPCD 012 CD 2010   14.00
Yanna Yova world music

Enlarge this picture! Makam arrived a new turning point in it's carreer with this album - like ten years ago, when the instrumental period has changed to a vocal period. Yanna Yova focuses on todays atmosphere, musical movements and the toughts of the modern city living human being.

Zóra Hornai - voice
Klára Korzenszky - voice
Olga Horváth - violin, voice
Dávid Eredics - clarinet, kaval, saxophone, harmonium
Zoltán Krulik - guitar, harmonium, tampura, voice
Attila Boros - bass guitar
László Keöch - drums, cajon, udu, guiró, aquaphone, throat singing

3.Yanna Yova
5.Tolvaj idő
6.Soha már
9.Tova tűnt
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ZPCD 010 CD 2009   14.00
Orient - Occident folk

Enlarge this picture! This album contains unreleased Zoltán Krulik’s songs. The Makám’s founder member composed this songs in the Eighties. The music play these bands: Makám and Kolinda, CSÖ (Creative Stúdió Öt - Creative Studio Five) and Makám. These group’s members famous Hungarian folk, world and jazz musicians.

László Bencze - double bass
Péter Dabasi - mandolincello
Géza Fábián - double bass
Éva Gaál - violin
István Grencsó - sax
Endre Juhász - oboa, horn
Péter Kőszegi - double bass
Zoltán Krulik - guitar, piano, doromb
Eszter Matolcsy - violin
Gábor Roskó - oboe
Péter Szalai - tabla
Szabolcs Szőke - gadulka, sarangi
Balázs Thurnay - udu

3.Dal szöveg nélkül
6.Szélcsend után
7.Hajnali járat
8. Előjáték
11.Inkább holnap egyben
12.Régi tükör
13.Hora Tet
17.Hálót fon az est
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ZPCD 008 CD 2007   14.00
Ákom-bákom world music

Enlarge this picture! Erika Lázár – voice
Olga Horváth – violin, voice
Dávid Eredics – clarinet, kaval, flute
Zoltán Krulik – guitar, perepelocska
Attila Boros – bass guitar
László Keönch – percussion

Kinga Mezei – voice

1.Ákom bákom
3.Csiga biga
6.Fut a tél lova
8.A nyúl álma
10.Téli álom
13.Uhu néném
14.A vakond vára
15.Hat kicsi
18.Diszel a világ közepe
19.A pillangó és a holló
20.A nap, a hold és a csillagok
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ZPCD 005 CD 2006   14.00
Almanach world music

Enlarge this picture! MAKÁM Group is the most characteristic Hungarian representative of the New Tradition. The MAKÁM Group plays traditional inspirational chamber music strongly tied to the oriental music cultures. The music world their joint compositions is based on the scales of Eastern (ragas), Bulgarian-Turkish scale variations (makams) or the typical mood of the half-tone scales frequently used Bartók. Songs sounding like Hungarian folk ballads and arrangements by musicians with contemporary and jazz skills – this is what Makam offers in its last albums, including the newest one.
The growing audience of their concerts proves that this mix works. The beautiful voice of Szilvia Bognar brings life and tenderness to the very precise compositions of Zoltan Krulik.

Zoltán Krulik - spanish guitar, 12-stringed guitar, voice
Eszter Krulik - violin, voice
Balázs Thurnay - kaval, flute, clarinet, derbouka, voice
Szilvia Bognár - voice, flute
Bálint Pödör - udu, derbouka, marimba, percussion
Zoltán Kovács - double bass, voice

Sándor Zsemlye - saxophone, clarinet

1.Párom, párom
3.Sárga a repce virága
5.Holló fekete álom
10.Hideg a tél
11.Lassú ének
12.Holdfényt vetettem
14.Nyitva és zárva
15.Kút vize
16.Síp utca, Dob utca
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FECD 018 CD 2004   14.00
Anzix folk world music world music

Enlarge this picture! Zoltán Krulik, the composer-guitarist of Makám every year surprises his audience with better and better albums. The latest consists of soldier songs but song not from the point of view of the soldiers but their lovers, wives. The meeting of three wonderful female (Szilvia Bognár, Bea Palya, Ágnes Szalóki) and one male (Ádám Dévényi) voice furthermore the traditionalist but contemporary sound will fully satisfy the listener.
These beautiful Balkan songs, mostly Bulgarian and Macedonian which have become well-known in Hungary through the poetic translations of László Nagy – have also been covered by the former bands Kolinda and Gépfolklór, possibly others as well. The arrangements and compositions of Zoltán Krulik show the unequivocal marks of an unfaltering stylistic sense and an accomplished craftsmanship without the slightest suggestion of cliché or tried and tested routine. That is to say, underlying these compositions we can find genuine human sensitivity, experience and values: faith in the power of song and of melody, refined taste and temperance manifested in unmanipulated, acoustic sound, and trust in the possibility of conveying poetic metaphors and delicately shaded thoughts to the audience.

Szilvia Bognár - vocal
Bea Palya - vocal
Ágnes Szalóki - vocal
Ádám Dévényi - vocal
Zoltán Krulik - guitar
Balázs Szokolay - sax, flute, bagpipe
Balázs Thurnay - kaval, vocal
Eszter Krulik - violin
Zoltán Mizsei - keyboard, vocal
Zoltán Kovács - double bass
Géza Orczy - derbuka, tapan, bousuki, saz

1.Van-e tenéked...? - Have You Got…?
2.Jaj, sötétben - Oh, In Darkness
3.Keselyű - The Vulture
5.Fújdogál - Gently Blowing
6.Kilences - Nine
7.Katona sirató - Lament For A Soldier
8.Ébredj fel - Wake Yourself
9.Édesanya, kedvesem - My Beloved Dear Mother
11.Gyere vélem - Come With Me
12.A Don-kanyar felől - From The Bend Of The Don
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FECD 009 CD 2003   14.00