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Munkácsi Bea / Gyárfás István / Virágh Gábor
In Between jazz

Enlarge this picture! Last year our group played in the Marble Hall of the Hungarian Radio. The concert was broadcast by the Bartók Radio this February.
In spite of the unexpected success, the hearty welcome and the audience's definite need for our music we cannot play together on a regular basis since Gábor Virágh (trumpet) lives in the USA.
All of us graduated from Bartók Béla College of Music, faculty of Jazz in 1987. We started playing together at our graduation concert and afterwards we worked together for a long time.
However, there came a point in our lives when we took separate paths. Still, besides different jazz groups and our pedagogical work we accidentally came together again, experiencing a new "exam situation" - yet now our performance ma be evaluated not by the examination commettee but by our audience. So this is the story of our CD’s birth... - Bea Munkácsi

Bea Munkácsi - vocal
István Gyárfás - guitar
Gábor Virágh - trumpet

1.Silver - Nica's Dream (6:00)
2.Dennis / Brent - Angel Eyes (5:38)
3.Silver - Song for My Father (5:07)
4.Evans - Very Early (3:45)
5.Fischer - You've Changed (5:56)
6.Fischer / Laine - We'll be Together Again (5:00)
7.Loesser - Inchworm (4:00)
8.Bonfa - Black Orpheus (5:40)
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BGCD 097 CD 2001   10.00