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Pozsár Eszter
Urban Tales
(Városi mesék)

Enlarge this picture! Eight pieces created by the common work of four young musicians are heard on this jazz recording. Two years of working together is riveted here. We can take part in musical histories, musical travels. We can engage ourselves as travel partners in wanderings in time and space. We can be the witness to the meditative quiet and the nervous running around of human-city existence. This is the first album by this group led by young saxophonist, Eszter Pozsár, a representative of a new generation of musicians. The knowledge, virtuoso instumental playing, musical sensitivity and taste belies their young age.

Eszter Pozsár - flute, alt & soprano saxophone
Zsombor Zrubka - vibraphone
Dániel Tenk - drums
Péter Nagy - double bass

1.Távoli ország
2.Szavak helyett
4.Városi mese
6.Gyerünk a vízbe
7.Te meg én és a csend
8.Kezdődik a nap
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FA-059-2 CD 1999   7.00