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Dresch Dudás Mihály Quartet
Tördelős world music jazz

Enlarge this picture! Mihály Dresch - tenor and soprano sax, fuhun, vocal
Miklós Lukács - dulcimer
Balázs Horváth - double bass
István Baló - drums

1.Páva (5:58)
2.Férfiének (11:35)
3.Tördelős (8:47)
4.Sirató - lassú (12:47)
5.Azért adtam (7:36)
6.Kecskés (5:03)
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FA 3812 CD 2016   12.00
Gate and Garden
(Kapu és kert)
world music jazz

Enlarge this picture!

1.Át a kőtengeren (10:53)
2.Ereszkedő (13:08)
3.Futás Miska (3:59)
4.Kapu és kert (9:33)
5.Széki köszöntő (6:52)
6.Bizalom (6:27)
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FA289-2 CD 2013   12.00
Fuhun ethno jazz

Enlarge this picture! Fuhin is a unique chromatic flute made by the idea of Mihály Dresch - made of wattle.

Mihály Dresch - tenor and soprano sax, fuhun, vocals
Miklós Lukács - cimbalom
Ernő Hock - double bass
István Baló - drums

Sándor Csoóri "Sündi" - viola
Mihály Borbély - alt sax
Attila Szabó - violin
Tamás Kunos - viola
József Bartók - double bass

2.Amott legel
4.Öreg ház ballada I.
5.Elveszett férfiak
9.Öreg ház ballada II.
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FA 2652 CD 2011   12.00
Live Reeds
(Élő nád - Zeneakadémia 2005.11.19.)
ethno jazz

Enlarge this picture! Dresch found his calling on the narrow trail betwen jazz and Hungarian folk music in an extraordinary way; or more precisely – it is he who blazed that trail. He didn’t choose the more fashionable fray of ’world music’, instead, like real, live reeds in the marsh he bends and sways between the two traditions – hence the title of this live concert recording.
Tradition only says something when it’s alive, otherwise it becomes objects in museums which can only be seen in glass cases. The music of Dresch’ band is tough; it withstands the blows of time. Through his choice of isntruments, Dresch brings alive that which can be summoned form the past, massive roots taking in vital energy, rusting those ’reeds’ with an original, fresh, rolling sound.
This music cuts, the improvisation scratches, making fresh wounds, always new personal ones. Mihály Dresch, as he says, always plays his own experiences, which is why it’s personal and so individual, so alive. Perhaps it’s strange that this is his group’s first distinctly concert recording, when we know that they live in concert, rather than in the studio. – György Szerbhorváth

Mihály Dresch – tenor and soprano sax, flute, vocals
Mátyás Szandai – double bass
István Baló – drums
Miklós Lukács – cimbalom

1.Szélben / In The Wind
2.Erdélyi román furulyazene / Transilvanian-Romanian Flute Music
4.Ég madara / The Sky’s Bird
5.A varázsló kertje / The Wizard's Garden
6.Búzai dal / Songs Form Búza (a village in the Mezőség, region of Transilvania)
7.Bánat – bánat / Sorow - Sorow
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XP 025 CD 2006   14.00
Still Voyage
(Mozdulatlan utazás)
jazz world music

Enlarge this picture! ‘Mozdulatlan utazás’ [’Still Voyage’] is Dresch Quartet’s seventh album. On this album however, we hear a new Dresch Quartet, not to mention the appearance of a fifth band member. Its eccentric, unrestrained, well-polished pulse – coming neither entirely from jazz, nor from folk music of the Carpathian Basin, now bears a knowing self-confidence.

Mihály Dresch “Dudás” - tenor and soprano saxophone
Ferenc Kovács - violin
Mátyás Szandai – double bass
István Baló - drum

Balázs Unger - cimbalom

1.Tedd rá
2.Békesség - Csodafa
4.Nagy puszta
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FA-084-2 CD 2000   10.00
My Ferryman, My Ferryman
(Révészem, révészem...)
jazz ethno

Enlarge this picture! “Sometime I’d like to have a band with double bass, cimbalom, saxophone, drum. We wouldn’t play folk music, we’d play Hungarian jazz." (Mihály Dresch 1997. Népszabadság)
One year after making the above statement, Mihály Dresch’s idea materialized and he has made perhaps his best recording yet. Like Coltrane......

Mihály Dresch Dudás - sax, flute, cymbal, vocal
Róbert Benkő - double bass
Tamás Geröly - drums, percussion
István Kovács - violin
András Berecz - vocal

1.Gyimesi Impressziók
2.Bánat, bánat...
4.Rákóczi révészem...
5.Hungarian Be-Pop
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FA-037-2 CD 1998   10.00
jazz ethno

Enlarge this picture! Mihály Dresch “Dudás" always finds his own way, this recording gives the listener a taste of what it’s like to be at a club in Budapest where he plays.

Mihály DRESCH - soprano sax, cymbal, bass clarinet, tenor sax
Ferenc KOVÁCS - violin, trumpet
Tamás Gábor GERÖLY - drums, percussion
Róbert BENKŐ - double bass

1.Kelj fel juhász
4.Folyondár / Áradás / Áttetsző víz / Sodrásban
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ADYTON 007 CD 1995   10.00