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Enlarge this picture! Dezső Murguly Zsolt - guitar, vocal, doromb
Tibor Ladányi - keyboards
József Takács - bass
Ádám Földes - drums, percussion

Liza Papp - vocal
Enikő Keresztúri - vocal
Vivien Tarjáni - vocal
Szilvia Horváth - vocal
Csaba Varga - keyboards

1.Kárpát-medencei hangulat (4:17)
2.Doromb (4:55)
3.Balkánon innen, Balkánon túl (5:18)
4.Közép-Európa (5:26)
5.Fény (6:11)
6.Challanger (4:47)
7.73 mp - Challanger 2. (13:04)
8.Jégvilág (4:05)
9.1969 (4:08)
10.Gyémánt Nap (6:30)
11.Közelebb a Naphoz (2:06)
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BGCD 147 CD 2004   10.00
Ordinary man
progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Most of the songs are instumental, while the words are all about us, ordinary men, our day-by-day fights, nice or awful happenings of the world, natural disasters and the ’media terror’. He has chosen and used perfectly the sounds and skills of progressive music (Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield…) to express this feeling. The main question: ’What is on the other side of the Moon?’ returns back again and again, but there’s no answer. The four movements of the album are connected to each other through their inner essences, the themes are extending softly, they interweave and make new themes together. The continous pulsation is one of the main characteristics of the album. The music repeats itself sometimes but the patterns painted by guitar make it interesting.

Dezső Murguly Zsolt - guitar, keyboards, bass, vocal
Ádám Földes - drums
Csaba Varga - keyboards
Liza Vargáné Papp - vocal

1.Budafok (5:02)
2.Hold I. (5:28)
3.Blues 2000 (4:39)
4.Kisember (6:22)
5.Hold II. (4:28)
6.Frog's Final Day (4:16)   
7.Hold III. (5:27)
8.Sodoma (5:28)
9.Otthon (5:39)
10.Christine (4:19)
11.Without Worlds (5:31)
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BGCD 108 CD 2002   10.00