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3rd progressive jazz-rock jazz-rock

Enlarge this picture! It’s 4017. Humanity has been extinct for centuries leaving behind a community of droids on Earth. The droids are programmed plenty of information about the history of the human race that had left them behind but they do not have thorough understanding of it. Some of them research the topic.
One droid becomes so obsessed with his own research project that he wants to find a way to make an attempt to turn himself into a human in order to study the paradox functioning of this intelligent but organic, high-spirited but self-destructive being from inside the human body. Investigating old records he finds information about a discontinued experiment called Red Spider that would allow droids to transpose their conscience into one of the few hibernated human bodies that have been left for research reasons. The obsessed droid decides to undertake this hazardous and never tested procedure first himself.

Balázs Szendőfi – bass guitars, keyboards
Zoltán Szentpál – guitars
Ábel Mihalik – drums (1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
Péter Szendőfi – drums (2,3,11,12)

1.Catch the Red Spider (7:27)   
2.The Droid Wants to be Human (8:46)
3.The Human (2:25)
4.Layers (12:38)
5.Knowing the Pain (5:40)
6.Inside (5:43)   
7.Case Closed (7:36)
8.50 Years Later (2:38)   
9.The Error (5:36)
10.Falling III. (4:36)
11.The Strange Place (2:12)
12.E-male (7:36)
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BGCD 230 CD 2017   12.00
Nuances progressive jazz-rock jazz-rock

Enlarge this picture! "Mindflowers, a progressive fusion quartet, may easily be Hungary's answer to Quebec's Spaced Out. In order for that to even be feasible, Mindflowers would need to have a monster bassist. In its midst - the band does. Balazs Szendofi demonstrates his arachnoid skill on a 7-string bass and a 12-string Grand Tapboard, both of which he credits as custom creations - designed by his father! Covering all territory between subdued cosmic keyboards and rocking out guitar and organ, the band seeks to (and succeeds) to impress. You can draw further parallels to jazz/rock fusion groups such as tunnels, or the side of Dream Theater evidenced on Jordan Rudess' solo albums."

Balázs Szendőfi - bass
Zoltán Szentpál - guitar
Zoltán Bubenyák - keyboards
Gergely Gáspár - drums

1.Intro They're Coming! (1:01)
2.Ego (6:20)
3.Victoria (7:59)
4.The Merovingian (7:30)
5.Ego Jam (1:59)
6.Earplug (6:56)
7.Sordino (2:41)
8.Chromantica (8:41)
9.Igor The Dog (6:08)
10.Soundcreek (4:41)
11.Britney's Pears (9:28)
12.The Last Christmas (5:26)
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BGCD 148 CD 2005   12.00
Improgressive progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! The music of the band ’Mindflowers’ can be described as a mostly progressive-instrumental rock with a taste of jazz-fusion.
The band has been founded by members Balázs Szendőfi (bassist) and Zoltán Szentpál (guitarist) in September 2000. They composed their first songs together. In the meantime they were looking for a drummer and a keyboard-player. In the lack of qualified applicants they decided to record the album themselves, with the help of some guest musicians. When they recorded their demo titled ’Not This Time’ during the summer of 2001, the band was already completed with a drummer and keyboard player. After that they started to work on ’Improgressive’. The album contains 9 instrumental tracks which are quite different: you can find fast and complicated prog. rock song (’Red Spider’), lyrical duet of keyboard and seven-string bass (’Why’), floating Chapman Stick adventure (’Crying Skies’), resembling folk music dance of violin and classical guitar (’Flo’s Kisses’) and a more then 20 minutes long epic composition (’Talk With Myself’). These four musicians share the same object; to mix the elements of progressive rock, jazz-fusion and world-music in a moderate and demanding way, to harmonize the music of mind and heart...

Balázs Szendőfi - bass, stick
Zoltán Szentpál - guitar
Gergely Gáspár - drums
Zsolt Nagy – keyboards

Flóra Horváth - violin
Tamás Kovács "Tobzy" - percussion

1.Red Spider (8:18)
2.Falling (5:46)
3.Sick Spirit (4:50)
4.Why? (1:51)
5.Why Not? (5:07)
6.Crying Skies (7:01)
7.Knowing the Path (7:01)
8.Flo's Kisses (4:28)
9.Talk with Myself (22:37)
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BGCD 110 CD 2002   12.00