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Mahangoe, Anand
A Man's Mind instrumental hard-rock hard-rock

Enlarge this picture! Anand was born in Suriname, South America, in 1974. At the age of five he moved with his parents to Holland. Here at the age of 12 he started to play guitar and very soon it was obvious for him that he wanted to play and write instrumental music.
In 1996-97 there was the National Championship for Guitarplayers, and from 130 participants Anand became the Best Guitarist of Holland.
He was judged by for example Jan Akkerman (Focus) for his excellent technique, great melodic writing capabilities.
He did concerts with for example Szekeres Tamás and Tony McAlpine and these were very succesful.
Highly recommended for Joe Satriani fans!!

Anand Mahangoe - guitar
Tobola Csaba - drums
Póka Egon - bass
Gáspár Gyula - bass
Rob Fahnrich - keyboards

1.Return from the Red Bananaworld (7:01)
2.Mysterious Ways (5:07)   
3.Attack of the Horrible Space Babies (4:46)
4.Far Away (4:42)
5.What's on a Man's Mind (4:16)
6.Mimi Goes Hype (4:08)
7.Side by Side (4:43)
8.Midnight Chaser (4:33)
9.Memories Only (4:42)
10.Boys with Toys (3:38)
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