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Birds\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Day
(Rigmadár - Int Én Bec)

Enlarge this picture! The CD contains the musical adaptation of a Bloomwoodlandian tale of Irish origin. Medieval Irish poetry provides the song lyrics, which celebrate the beauty of nature, with a special eye for birds. The musical arrangements are based partly on traditional Irish and Breton melodies, and partly on music from the Bloomwoodlandian codex of Hexerich von Kelchblatt. The Bloomwoodlandian tale of the encounter between the hermit and the birds was written in the 17th century by Hexerich von Kelchblatt, a Transylvanian Saxon, most likely based on Irish legends and his own experiences.

Gáborján Kovács - flute, tin whistle, vocals, concertina
Róbert Császár - guitar
Judit Kuti - tin whistle, low whistle, flute
Sándor Kis - bodhrán, percussions

With special guest:
Péter Szolár - tin whistle, low whistle

1.Int Én Bec / Little Bird / Kismadár
2.Tánic sam / Summer's Come / Ránk talált a nyár
3.S é mo nighean a ni ceol / Sea-bird to her Chicks / Vízimadár fiókáihoz
4.Nach Aoibhinn Do Na hÉiníní / It Is Well for Small Birds / Jó dolgukban a madarak
5.Cu-cúc / Cuckoo / Kakukk
6.A Luin / Blackbird / Feketerigó
7.Do Rind Guip / From the Beak / Csőrön át a betűk
8.Guth Ind Luin / The Blackbird's Song / A Rigmadár éneke
9.Suantraí / The Last Lullaby / Utolsó altató
10.Golden Keyboard / Swallow's Tail
11.Ho fiream forum foirm / Birds At The Fairy Fulling / Tündérek madár ruhában
12.Ho fiream / Fairy Fulling / Sulykolás
13.Clúmhac h/ Clothes of Feather/ Tollruha
14.Maiten Bán / Dawn / Pirkadat
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