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Locomotív GT
Without An Opponent
(Ellenfél nélkül)
pop jazz-rock

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This album was released in 1984 and is titled Without an Opponent. Rewrites had to be resorted to, and the general public under the influence of undemanding pop music dumping didn’t really appreciate the “last” work.

The tours were sparse, with the last performance at the "headquarters" in Tabán on May 2, 1987. Then the LGT virtually ceased to exist: "it decides to suspend itself indefinitely, but will not be divided."

Presser, Karácsony and Somló began their solo careers, and Solti drummed for other bands. They sometimes worked together on each other’s records, but Loksi didn’t release more albums for a long time.

János Karácsony - vocals, guitar, bass guitar, Moog synthesizer, vocoder
Gábor Presser - vocals, piano, PPG 2.2, Rhodes Chroma, Yamaha Dx 7, vocoder, Emulator, synthesizer program, accordion, JKB K, synthetic percussion
János Solti - drums, Simmons and Linn drums, Synsonic, drum computer program, Roland Drumatix, Paiste , Linn-tom bass, marching drums, gong, percussion, Rototon, Grand Cassa
Tamás Somló - vocals, bass guitar, vocoder, Lyricon, saxophone, Moog synthesizer
Dusán Sztevanovity - lyrics

1.Ellenfél nélkül
2.Béke van (végtelen)
3.Próbatánc a Broadway-on
4.Banális blues
5.Az üvegember
6.A szívbajt hozod rám
7.III. világ
8.A nagy radír
9.Éjszakai vonatozás
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HCD 37539 CD 1992   0.00
Sway yourself!
(Ringasd el magad!)
rock progressive

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In 1972, LGT's second album, Ringasd el magad, was released. The songs on the album were orchestrated in Budapest, but were recorded at AIR Studios on Oxford Street in London. While the band’s style hasn’t fundamentally changed since the previous album, the sound of the songs still shows a significant improvement. While the Locomotiv GT used almost exclusively electric instruments, Ringasd’s own instrumentation is significantly more complex. Here, too, the songs reflect the influence of several musical styles. Due to the longer, virtuoso instrumental inserts, the opening track of the album, Circus, Without Sheet Music (due to the long, distorted organ solo, this is closest to progressive rock in the usual sense) and could be classified as progressive rock.

The blues-rock effect is shown by the Lincoln Festival blues, I Wait You at noon today and the title Ringasd yourself. The Lincoln Festival blues is the band’s first instrumental recording; Address in Lincoln, United Kingdom, 26-29 May 1972 refers to the Great Western Express Festival held between, where LGT was the only performer from the continent.

The version of Ringasd yourself heard here is not the same as Bummm! with the versions on the album and Imaginary Report from an American Pop Festival because it’s largely instrumental and barely longer than a minute. A special blend of blues-rock and Japanese music is the song The Garden of Nothing: the quiet, vibraphone-accompanied sections are connected by a loud, harder-sounding chorus. The Hungarian meaning of “mite kudasai” repeated at the end of the chorus: please look. The unusual sound is probably also due to the fact that LGT was one of the performers at the 1971 Tokyo World Popular Song Festival.

My love for the elegiac Serenade, if it were the first song of the ensemble, which Gábor Presser performed alone, only with piano accompaniment; it’s like I and I Go to Ever Higher and Locomotiv GT V. Melodic pop rock can be categorized as The Prison of Love and Don't Dizzy. An interesting highlight is the country-sounding Cuckoo watch, which sounds in a purely acoustic orchestration, “disguised” as a spontaneous performance.
Ringasd itself was the band's last album with Károly Frenreisz, who broke up in January 1973 and founded Skorpió the same year. The album was also released in 1973 in Czechoslovakia by the Supraphon, CS Hifi Club and MHV Pepita. The cover was the same as the Hungarian edition, but the song titles and information were in Czech.

Tamás Barta - vocals, electric, acoustic and slide guitar, banjo
Károly Frenreisz - vocals, Fender bass guitar, soprano and tenor saxophone, flute, oboe
József Laux - Ludwig drums, percussion
Gábor Presser - vocals, Hammond organ, piano piano, bass piano, vibraphone, marimba, sound generator
Adamis Anna - poems

2.A szerelem börtönében
3.Szerenád – szerelmemnek, ha lenne
4.A semmi kertje
5.Lincoln fesztivál blues
6.Ne szédíts
7.Kakukkos karóra
8.Kotta nélkül
9.Azt hittem
10.Megvárlak ma délben
11.Ringasd el magad
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HCD 37529 CD 1992   0.00
Összes kislemeze (1971-1984) pop jazz-rock

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1.1971-72: Ha volna szíved
2.1971-72: Boldog vagyok
3.1971-72: Érints meg
4.1971-72: Segíts elaludni
5.1972-1973: Hej, gyere velem
6.1972-1973: Csak egy szóra
7.1972-1973: Csavargók angyala
8.1972-1973: Szeress nagyon
9.1972-1973: Mindíg csak ott várok rád
10.1979: Miénk ez a cirkusz
11.1979: Veled, csak veled
12.1979: Annyi mindent nem szerettem
13.1979: Pokolba már a szép szavakkal
14.1984: Kinn is vagyok, benn is vagyok
15.1984: Segíts nekem
16.1984: Már nem vigyázol ránk
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HCD 37618 CD 1992   0.00
Locomotiv GT pop jazz-rock

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1.Egy dal azokért, akik nincsenek itt
2.A Napba öltözött lány
3.A kötéltáncos álma
4.A tengelykezű félember
5.Hej, én szólok hozzád
6.Ezüst nyár
7.Ordító arcok
8.Sose mondd a mamának
9.Nem nekem való
10.Royal blues
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HCD 37528 CD 1992   0.00
Loksi pop jazz-rock

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1.Prológ és trialóg
2.Gondolj rám
3.Ha eljönnek az angyalok
6.Sziszifuszi blues
7.Embertelen dal
11.A dal a miénk
12.Nagyon kell, hogy szeress
13.Áldd meg a dalt
14.Szentimentális "rakenroll"
15.Ha eljönnek az ördögök
17.Áldd meg a dalt
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HCD 37444 CD 1992   0.00
Mindenki rock

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1.Mindenféle emberek
2.Nézd, az őrült
4.Mi lesz velem?
6.A téma
7.Az utolsó szerelmes dal
8.Nem adom fel
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HCD 37535 CD 1978   0.00
Zene (Mindenki másképp csinálja) rock

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1.A rádió
2.Egy elkésett dal
3.Jóbarátok vagyunk
4.A hajnal
5.Engedj el
6.Mindenki másképp csinálja
8.Aquincumi séta
9.Boogie a zongorán
10.A búcsú
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HCD 37534 CD 1977   0.00
Locomotiv GT. V. pop jazz-rock

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1.Csak az jöjjön
2.A Kicsi, a Nagy, az Arthur és az Indián
4.Valamit mindig valamiért
6.Ahogy mindenki
7.Rohanj hozzám
8.Tiltott gyümölcs
10.Ha a csend beszélni tudna
11.Senki gyermekei
12.Szelíd erőszak
13.Arra mennék én
14.És jött a doktor
15.Segíts elaludni
16.Ülök a járdán
17.Az eső és én
19.Ezüst nyár
20.Álomarcú lány
21.Neked írom a dalt
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HCD 37532 CD 1976 / 1992   0.00
Mindig magasabbra rock

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1.Intuitio molto furtivamente
2.Szólj rám, ha hangosan énekelek
3.Arra mennék én
4.Mindig magasabbra
5.És jött a doktor
6.Neked írom a dalt
7.Álomarcú lány
8.Nekem ne mondja senki
9.Egy elfelejtett szó
10.Ülök a járdán
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HCD 37531 CD 1975   0.00

Enlarge this picture! Recorded in July 1973, LGT’s 3rd album, Bummm, finally brought out what everyone was expecting from the band. To do this, however, had to come to the realization that the real star, the great individual in a good sense, was not Barta (with his virtuoso guitar playing); not even the newly joined Tamás Somló with his former Omega and then Non Stop membership, with his fantastic individual voice, movement and playing; and not Laux's impressive play on the drums, but the real secret is a musician who rolls over the keyboard, is very full-bodied, with glasses and an unusually rich voice, who is none other than Gábor Presser! On this disc we find a longer version of the song Ring Yourself, the lyric of the Blue Woman, the Come-Come Out on the Hillside joke, Ours here is the confession of space. Together, then, the new Big Four and added the verses of Anna Adamis.

This was the band's first album played by Tamás Somló and the last to be released before Tamás Barta left.

Tamás Barta - of electric, acoustic and slide guitar, harmonica
József Laux - drums, percussion, motorcycle
Gábor Presser - vocals, piano, Fender piano
Tamás Somló - vocals, bass, alto saxophone
"Shango Ray" Dely - congas, chékere
Adamis Anna - verses

1.Ringasd el magad
2.A Képzelt riport című musicalből
3.Kék asszony
4.Gyere, gyere ki a hegyoldalba
5.Visszamegyek a falumba
7.Ő még csak most tizennégy
8.Szabadíts meg
10.Mondd, mire van?
11.Miénk itt a tér
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HCD 37530 CD 1973   0.00