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Horgas Eszter
Szeretni bolondulásig crossover soundtrack

Enlarge this picture! Eszter Horgas – Szeretni bolondulásig
Eszter Horgas – flute
Éva Botos – actress
Gábor Cseke – piano, keyboards
Krisztián Dajka – acoustic and electric guitar
Milos Punisic – accordeon
Viktor Hárs – double bass, bass guitar
Csaba Pusztai – percussion
Lajos Gyenge – drums

1.Édes Barna Györgyi
2.Szeressük egymást gyerekek
3.2x2 néha 5
4.Szomorú vasárnap
5.Mindig az a perc
6.Hosszú az éjszaka
7.Hiába van palotád
8.Ha minden véget ér
10.Szeretni bolondulásig
11.Szívemben bomba van
12.Május éjszakán
14.Pá kis aranyom
15.Kislány kezeket fel
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NRR 116 CD 2011   13.00
Full Tilt Tango crossover

Enlarge this picture!

1.Cseke Gábor - Latin tango
2.Astor Piazzolla - Fugata
3.Astor Piazzolla - Double concerto
4.Astor Piazzolla - Milonga del angel
5.Astor Piazzolla - Libertango
6.Astor Piazzolla - Inveierno porteno
7.Hárs Viktor - Astoria
8.Astor Piazzolla - Night-club
9.Astor Piazzolla - Oblivion
10.Horgas Eszter / Hárs Viktor - Dance 2
11.Astor Piazzolla - Etude No. 6
12.Cseke Gábor - Érintés
13.Hárs Viktor - Metal Pesado
14.Cseke Gábor - Easy tango
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NRR 102 CD 2010   13.00
Four Seasons crossover

Enlarge this picture! Eszter Horgas – flute, alto flute, comp.

Ventoscala Symphony Orchestra
Ilona Meskó – conductor
George Vukán – piano, comp.
Kornél Fekete Kovács – fluegel horn
Viktor Hárs – bass, bass guitar, comp.
Sándor Tiba – drums
Krisztián Dajka – el. Guitar
Tamás Kovács – percussion

1.Introduction – The Sound of the Heart (Horgas)
2.Spring – Allegro
3.Spring – Largo
4.Spring – Allegro
5.Tango (Vukán)
6.Summer – Allegro non molto
7.Summer – Adagio
8.Ballad (Vukán)
9.Storm (Horgas)
10.Summer – Presto
11.Autumn – Intro & Allegro (Hárs)
12.Autumn – Adagio (Hárs-Vukán)
13.Autumn – Allegro
14.Winter – Allegro non molto & cadenza (Horgas)
15.Winter – Largo
16.Meditation – (Vukán)
17.Winter – Interlude & Allegro (Vukán)
18.Coda – (Horgas)
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GR 082 CD 2009   12.00
Latin Fiesta jazz

Enlarge this picture! The concert in Erkel Theatre is the first crossover night, where the music, the dramaturgy, the spectacle and dance meet. Such worlds appear like a night in Buenos Aires, or the dreams of Don Quijote...
There are ninety-four musicians on stage - from classical, jazz and pop music - one day is described by them with music from noon to noon on the following day. Story, love, tragedy, pain and fun...
One day about our lives, dreams, wishes, fears.
This CD also, the third piece of the series, moves in the land of Latin music. The dominant composer of the nights is Astor Piazzolla, Argentinian musician and accordion player, who became a major personality of the 20th century. This recording closes the series of "The faces of Eszter Horgas", which is just the start of my road with many-many more faces, concerts, performances and work is yet to come.
Many thanks to Miklós Malek, Eleonóra Hidasy, the Concert & Media, Peter Gerendás, Gábor Presser and to all the colleagues who gave their attention, time and love during the last two years.

Horgas Eszter - flute, altflute
Orosz Zoltán - concertina
Ricardo Salsa Club
Class & Jazz Band
Budapest Film Orchestra
conducted by Malek Miklós

1.Rodrigo / Malek - Nyitány
2.Corea - Spain
3.Ravel - Bolero
4.Piazzolla - Celos
5.Brubeck - Take 5
6.Piazzolla - Buenos Aires
7.Piazzolla - Milonga
8.Piazzolla - Libertango
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GR 044 CD 2003   12.00
Spanish Night crossover

Enlarge this picture! "Duende. Once the excellent Spanish poet and play writer Federico Garcia Lorenza wrote a study about this concept. It is about some of the basic elements of Spanish art; temperament, fire and overwhelmed emotional state, which is duende. Duende is always on one occasion and it is unrepeatable.
In the third part of the set, called Horgas Eszter’s faces, besides a composition based on a Lorca poem, a Bizet and de Falla updated hit piece can also be heard. In the first quarter of 2002, the recording was completed at two Music Academy concerts, which gives a characteristic and incomparable atmosphere. As the genius Spanish authors’ virtuosity is combined in harmony with the no less praised Hungarian musician’s unique voice of Vukán György. The excellent piano composer orchestrates the pieces of music, including two of his own works the first and the second part of the Spanish Rhapsody resound. Finally a version of a Keith Jassett piece closes the great record.
The performing band is the Class Jazz once again, as in the first part of the set. Formed by Vukán and Horgas Eszter. Great guest soloists, on this occasion also, contribute to the bands performance, such as Dresch Mihály on saxophone, Fekete-Kovács Kornél on trumpet and Juhász Gábor who is simply an irreplaceable guitar player in Spanish music.
And of course the fans can again admire Horgas Eszter’s soaringly wonderful intonated flute sound. Last year the artist was very modestly avoiding the title of a jazz performer in her interview given to Gramofon, the music magazine. Although on listening to the flute solo from the new CD there can be no doubt her extraordinary interest and long-lasting, determined love for music has brought forth its fruit, and the classical performer is an equal member among jazz players now. We are not talking just about an enchanting flute player, for the musical face of Hogas Eszter is becoming increasingly more beautiful, as well."
H. Magyar Kornél

Horgas Eszter - flute, alto flute
Vukán György - piano
Berkes Balázs - double bass
Balázs Elemér - drums
Winand Gábor - vocal
Juhász Gábor - guitar
Fekete Kovács Kornél - trumpet
Dresch Mihály - saxophone

1.Sunrise (Spanish Rhapsody I.)
2.Habanera (Spanish Rhapsody I.)
3.Romance (Spanish Rhapsody I.)
4.Canzone (Spanish Rhapsody I.)
5.A Media Noché (El Amor Brujo)
6.Danza Ritual Del Fuego (El Amor Brujo)
7.Habanera (Carmen Fantasy)
9.Dance (Spanish Rhapsody II.)
10.Sunset (Spanish Rhapsody II.)
11.Encore 84 I.
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GR 034 CD 2002   13.00
Crossover jazz

Enlarge this picture! The artist, who has attained almost unprecedented popularity as a classical musician, would like to play a decisive role in the introduction of cross-over into Hungary and spread it as widely as possible with the help of her strong personality.
Class Jazz Band was founded on the initiative of Horgas Eszter in 1999, with the purpose of making the genre of cross-over more popular and accepted in Hungary. Creative Art trio, and especially Vukán György, turned out to be extremely suitable partners in forming the group. This genre has by no means been far from the group during the last ten years, anyway. Relying on his remarkable experience and capabilities, Vukán composes the musical material and prepares the adaptations, to which the "safe background" and improvisatory environment is ensured by the Trio. Its members gain favour with the general public and the profession again and again.
Already shortly after their introductory concert, they appeared on stage in the jam-packed main auditorium of the Academy of Music. The concerts in Budapest were followed by country tours. In January of 2001, they gave performances in the main auditorium of the Academy of Music on two consecutive nights. Their guest artists were the world-famous saxophonist Tony Lakatos and singer Winand Gábor. Success was inevitable this time as well, the audience did not want them to leave the stage. The CD entitled "Crossover" was made from this material.

Horgas Eszter - flute
Winand Gábor - voice
Tony Lakatos - saxophone
Vukán György - piano
Berkes Balázs - double bass
Balázs Elemér - drums

1.Rag Music
2.No Lonely Nights
3.In My Sky At Twilight
6.Blues In The Closet
7.Early Autumn
8.Blue Rondo a' la Turk
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GR 022 CD 2001   13.00
Hazafelé crossover

Enlarge this picture! The popular flautist appeared with her second CD within half a year, which she prepared with the participation of a symphony orchestra and a jazz orchestra.
The music was composed by the excellent pianist Nagy János and prominent figures of Hungarian jazz life participated in the performance, like László Attila (guitar), Borbély Mihály (saxophone), Baló István (drums) etc.
The second part of the series entitled "Horgas Eszter Arcai" can deservedly expect to have a favourable reception, similar to the success of the first release.

Horgas Eszter - flute, alto flute
Nagy János - piano, synthesizer
László Attila - guitar
Borbély Mihály - saxophone, clarinet
Szappanos György - bass guitar
Tisza Bea - vocal
Baló István - drums
Füdő Sándor - percussion, synthesizer
Frankie Látó - violin
Weiner Szász Orchestra
conductor - Vajda Gergely

5.Conga habanera
6.Nagypapa emlékére
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GR 028 CD   13.00