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Irish Rovers of Budapest
Hungary / Ireland
Bridges and Rivers folk

Enlarge this picture! This band was formed when Patrick McMullan arrived in Hungary and through Mónika Varga, the bodhrán-player, met Péter Pejtsik, the cellist of After Crying. They played for a while in this trio formation performing arrangement of traditional Irish folk-songs and ballads. Lately the trio was joined by Ferenc Torma, the guitarist of After Crying, who plays on bouzouki and synthesiser beside the guitars. Since Mónika Varga has gone for maternity leave the band are working as a trio again. Participation of the two A.C. member adds something special to their music. It is much more an adventurous trip in the field of folk-rock flavoured with progressive style, than another, umpteen form of traditional celtic folk music arrangements.

Patrick McMullan - guitar, vocals
Péter Pejtsik - fiddle, bass, keyboards
Ferenc Torma - bouzuki, classical guitar
Mónika Varga - bodhran

1.Jigs and Voices (9:43)
2.Baroque and Joke (2:30)
3.Times and Styles (3:12)
4.4Bowed and Blue (4:28)
5.Spiritual and Carnal (4:20)
6.Start and Finish (4:38)
7.4Bowed and Pink (3:53)
8.Hit and Folk (4:30)
9.Jigs and Jokes (2:08)
10.Loves and Ages (8:57)
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BGCD 003 CD 1994   10.00