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Laren d'Or
War of Angels sympho-rock

Enlarge this picture! One of the most interesting synthesizer albums from those very few we have in Hungary. All music played on synths but sounds as if it was played by a hundred piece symphony orchestra. It is like a soundtrack to a movie : this music brings visions to your mind. We call it \\\"synth-phonia\\\" as it is a symphonic poem played on synthesizer. Once it will be performed with a real symphonic orchestra.

Music by: Laren D\\\'or (Attila Héger)

1.4.12 (April Ride) (3.00)
2.Fifth Dream (11.15)
3.Sidestep Walking (3.46)
4.Tetsuo (3.04)
5.Arcadia (10.50)
6.The Heart of the Dragon (8.04)
7.Gothic I-V (13.32)
8.Prekurzor I (2.52)
9.Prekurzor II (3.14)
10.War of Angels (4.56)
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BGCD 010 CD 1997   12.00