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Lakatos, Tony
Move it jazz

Enlarge this picture! Jazz combined with a rhythm that reminds to James Brown and a good portion of rap - that might describe the sound of the recent album of Tony Lakatos. The worldwide acknowledged jazz saxophone player presents a new, singular, pleasant jazz that moves for dancing. Already the first track “Walkabout” gives a contagious rhythm feeling and inspires for more. Opposite from “World music” the ethnic fusion, “Time music” is how Tony Lakatos calls the new style, a fusion of traditional jazz feel of the fifties, the rhythm from the seventies and the rap elements from today.

Tony Lakatos – saxophone
Roberto di Gioia – keyboards
Tom Nicholas Jr. – rap
Martin Scales – guitar
Peter O’ Mara – guitar
Ernst Stroer - percussion

2.Pop Bag
3.Bernies Tune
4.Sunday 9 p.m.
8.On The Gypsy Way
9.The Day After
10.Chocolate City
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FA-205-2 CD 2002   7.00