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OM Art Formation
The Long Way world music folk

Enlarge this picture! Ethno, jazz, ambient, new age, minimal and folk elements are mixed with a kind of spiritual music. Many exotic instruments like tabla, tupan, djembe, tarambuka, kaval, cuena, kuika, berimbao and didgeridoo can be heard.Its Balkanian taste meets the world of East. OM is the name of the most ancient, the most spiritual, the most universal "mantra". We are very proud of this album.

Nikolay Ivanov - guitars, tambura, sitar, piano, synthesizers, block flute, voice
Rumen Semerdjiev - bass, processor, voice
Georgi Anguelov - percussion, tabla, tupan, tarambuka, didgeridoo kaval, bag pipe, ghatam, voice

Ivailo Vakavliev - soprano sax

1.Windlessness (2:45)   
2.The Kulu Valley (7:58)
3.Bulgaristan (1:55)
4.The Mountain (6:49)
5.Song of the Desert (2:06)
6.Legend of Bashet (7:10)
7.Dream (5:45)
8.There Far Away (3:58)
9.I Don't Know the Train for Home (6:22)
10.Flying Away Angel (2:18)
11.Dobrutro - Good Morning (1:45)
12.The Long Way (6:09)
13.Ritual (1:41)
14.Funeral (7:40)
15.Like a River (0:25)
16.Sunny Dance (3:14)
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BGCD 015 CD 1998   10.00