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Kollár Attila - Musical Witchcraft
Psalms & Soundtrack
(Zsoltárok és filmzene)

Enlarge this picture! „Probably it looks for the audience that we work in a four years period, because the 2nd Witchraft album, The Utopia was published in december, 2002 and with this new CD we arrived at the gate of the appearing in November, 2006.
The basical change - comparing the earlier albums - that we were thinking on the fundamental themes in two different lines: firstly we composed continously our new songs and on the other hand we revised old psalms and hymns of the reformed church. On the new CD we compiled these songs from the last four years period.
We tried to mix these two main musical dimensions in the title suite: Psalms & Soundtrack... – we hope that „this film” is clear not only for us...
At this time there was another important point of view, especially we would like to show how and what we play on concerts! These recordings aren’t always „crystal clear”, but we felt a special atmosphere and content in these concert songs and we hope that the audience will find it, too...
In the musical production we played with the old members (Kollár Attila, Naszádi Gábor, Szirtes Edina, Kornis Ferenc) and we have new musicians: Király Lóránt – bass and Őry Tamás – drums. It was a great pleasure for us that we found our „own language” together relatively soon.
In the concert section - among other concert recordings – you will find three songs from the „unplugged” concert – April, 2004 at the Concert Hall of St. Margarete Secondary School, Budapest –, when we played together with two earlier musician friends: Pócs Tamás – bass and Vámos Zsolt – guitar.
This album is a wonderful musical work of my musician friends: the olds and the new ones, too...
We warmly recommend this CD everybody who likes the instrumental music and the psalms in a new musical dimensions, too ... „

Lóránt Király - bass
Attila Kollár - flute, tambourine
Ferenc Kornis - conga, bongo, cabasa
Gábor Naszádi - acoustic guitar
Tamás Őry - drums
Edina Szirtes - violin, accordion, vocal
Tamás Pócs - bass
Zsolt Vámos - guitar

1.128. zsoltár feldolgozása
3.373. ének feldolgozása
4.Utazás az Andokban
5.La mer
7.Ma liberté...
8.9. zsoltár feldolgozása
9.338. ének feldolgozása
10.302. ének feldolgozása
11.200. ének feldolgozása
12.257. ének feldolgozása
13.68. zsoltár feldolgozása
14.395. ének feldolgozása
15.Utazás az Andokban - Live
16.200. ének feldolgozása - Live
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BGCD 175 CD 2006   13.00
Utopia - Musical Witchcraft II.
(Utópia - Musical Witchcraft II.)
progressive instrumental

Enlarge this picture! „The first Musical Witchcraft album was published four years ago, and here is the new CD. We have worked on these compositions for one and half year. The new CD is a little bit much more acoustic than the earlier because we started to compose five acoustic guitar-flute compositions with my friend, Gábor Naszádi at the beginning of the recordings. We prepared the final arrangements of these compositions later. The athmosphere of the middle ages and the tastes of the renaissance music are influenced a lot of songs on this CD. The real progressive rock compositons are the „counterpoints” of these „athmospheric songs”. This new CD is a Musical Witchcraft project and not a ’real” next solo album, so we would like to emhasize here the team-work.
We hope that listening of this music you will find yourself in our mind in the world of Utopia of Thomas Morus. And finally for all music lovers: have a good journey in your mind in the middle ages with
the music of the Musical Witchcraft!”

Attila Kollár - flute, tambourine
György Bokor - bassoon
László Gömör - drums
Ferenc Kornis - percussion
Gábor Naszádi - acoustic guitar
Tamás Pócs - bass
Péter Sárik - piano, organ, synthesizer
Edina Szirtes - violin, vocal
Zsolt Vámos - guitars
László Vermes - drums

1.Utópia szvit - Suite Utopia (19:53)
2.Kastélyok rejtekén - In the Hiding Place of Castles (2:51)
3.Morus titkai - Secrets of Morus (3:52)
4.Lakoma a lovagi tornán - Feast on the Tournament (2:23)
5.Inkvizíció - Inquisition (4:44)
6.A toronyszoba ködbe vész - The Tower's Room Lost in the Fog (4:57)
7.Nagyvárosi utópia - Utopia from the City (5:07)
8.Tündérmese a Loire mentén - Fairy Tale Along the Loire (3:32)
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BGCD 116 CD 2002   12.00