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Lost ways
(Elvesztett utak)
instrumental comprehensive comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! The first version of this album was made for an occassional performance in April 1999. Later that pure electronic music was treated by using symphonic elements to suit the modern trend. These elements aren’t based on the currently used popular romantic tunes, but they follow the Baroque masters’ musical devices. This means that not symphonic, but Baroque chamber orchestration prevails. This way did this basicly electronic rock music became something special and new. You can hear twelve tracks on the album. Their sounds are pleasing to the ear, they make you feel like you were floating. The two musical style make piercing contrast to each other, and their connection seems to be a bridge between past and present.

Tibor Hell - keyboards

Zoltán Nagy - guitar
László Popovics - percussion

1.Introduction (3:14)
2.The Darkest Night (5:50)
3.Eden (5:15)
4.Infinite Space (7:14)
5.Being with You (6:05)
6.Definite Winners we are (4:44)
7.Legendary East (5:14)   
8.Daydream (:51)
9.Lost Ways (3:56)
10.Lightyear-away Wishes (4:58)
11.Stars are Waiting (3:15)
12.Stew Path (5:11)
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BGCD 111 CD 2002   10.00