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Folk Iván
Sea Of Glass progressive fusion fusion

Enlarge this picture! Folk Iván is a very talented musician who recorded his second album in 2002. This is an istrumental progressive rock album featuring guitar in the main role, But all the other instruments like soprano sax, keyboards, percussion, bass make the music exciting and very close to the greatest jazz-rock names of history: RTF, Soft Machine.

Iván Folk - guitars, virtual instruments, violin, vocal
Kálmán Mády - drums, percussion
János Kovács S. - bass
László Kedl - sax
Ildikó Kedl - cello, vocal

1.All In Mirror
4.Book of Esther
5.Four Moments
6.As Flashes of Fire
7.Turning Burning
8.Sea of Glass
9.My Feast
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M 001 CD 2003   12.00