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Fugato Orchestra
Hibrid Harmonies - Live
(Hibrid harmóniák - Live)
sympho-rock progressive

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9.Bach on Loop
11.Noé (részlet)
12.Neander variációk
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FUGDVD 001 DVD 2018   14.00
sympho-rock progressive

Enlarge this picture! Noé is the long-awaited second album. 68 minutes, 13 compositions, enthralling sound quality with 14 pages, beautiful cover. Featuring: Veronika Harcsa (vocal) and Nikola Parov (kaval).
Chamber-symphonic progressive rock band with 14 (!) members. Beside the usual classical intruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, trumpet, clarinet, piccolo, acoustic guitar, piano) there’re drums + special percussion, synthetizer and bass guitar in the line-up. Their music is a clever mixture of different music stlyes like classical, prog rock, jazz and even early music. They play the compositions of Balázs Alpár (band leader, pianist) and his arrangements made of well-known prog rock, symphonic and early music pieces. In 2006 Fugato won the Audience-award of the Budapest Fringe Festival. In the spring of 2007 from more than 1000 applicants the Orchestra placed 9th at Europe’s largest talent contest, the Austrian Band Contest in Vienna, and as the best band from Hungary they also won the Hungarian Live Award. Since 2008 the drummer is Zsolt Madai from After Crying.

Ferenc Puss - violin
Melinda Csap - violin
Izsák Farkas - violin, electric violin
Dóra Jekl - viola
Mihály Simkó-Várnagy - cello, electric cello
Réka Barkányi - double-bass
Kriszti Lukács - flute
Péter Hargita - trumpet
Dávid Scheich - oboe, vocal
Gábor Valentiny - blockflöte
Anna Györfi - vocal
Gábor Veisz - bass
Zsolt Madai - drums
Balázs Alpár - keyboards, melodica, vocal

Veronika Harcsa - vocal
Nikola Parov - kaval
Orsolya Juhász - vocal
Magdaléna Kakuk Anna - viola
Zsolt Bartek - bass clarinet
Tamás Szellinger - trombone
Imre Szőke Zsolt - trombone

1.Pangari (5:15)
2.Hétnyolcad / Seven-eights (8:12)
3.Irish Coffee (4:56)
4.Nalvorelda (4:00)
5.Ébredés / Awakening (3:54)
6.Interlude - Nalvorelda remix (3:56)
7.Tatiosz / Tatius (1:43)
8.Világsíró asszony / The Timeless Weeper (2:33)
9.Csak egy népdal / Just a Folk Song (8:20)
10.Játszótér / Playground (2:00)
11.Poén / Joke (4:52)
12.Amália dala / Amália's Song (3:42)
13.Noé / Noah (15:02)
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BGCD 212 CD 2010   12.00
Neander Variations
(Neander variációk)
progressive sympho-rock

Enlarge this picture! The orchestra was founded in 2000, with the aim of bringing classical and popular music closer together, enabling listeners of both genres to widen their perspectives. The blending of symphonic instruments with drums, bass guitar and synthesizer makes the instrumentation unique. The pieces include contemporary symphonic works, stylistic etudes, as well as compositions closer to jazz, rock, or electronic styles. The composer, Balázs Alpár was born in 1982, in Budapest, Hungary. He began his musical studies at the age of six, and is currently enrolled at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, as a student of composition. Because of his interest in diverse styles he also studied jazz for a couple of years. His pieces, combining different styles, aim to retain classical approach despite a lighter character. This is most evident in the rhythmic and harmonic diversity, carefully elaborated voices, mood and emotional changes spanning the compositions.

1.Neander-völgyi hajsza - Neander Valley Chase (4:32)
2.Békém jeléül - Peace of Mine (3:27)
3.Virelai (4:27)
4.Szerenád - Serenade (3:20)
5.Tengeri legenda - Marine Myth (5:07)
6.Etnoid (7:30)   
7.Haikuk I. (1:36)
8.Haikuk III. (3:10)
9.Boszorkányszombat - Witches' Sabbath (4:33)
10.Mese a szerénységről - Tale about Modesty (1:36)
11.Hoquetos (2:50)
12.Poén - Joke (2:06)
13.Neander-variációk I. (2:52)
14.Neander-variációk II. (3:36)
15.Neander-variációk III. (5:53)
multimédia (MP3)
1.Poén - Live
5.Haikuk (eredeti kórusmű)
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BGCD 121 CD 2004   12.00