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U.F.O. Spotters
(U.F.O. nézők)
jazz fusion

Enlarge this picture! Spotters is the long-avaited Kada concert DVD - nearly two hours in length. Most of the tracks were recorded in December 2004 at Petofi Csarnok, where all eight musicians who've ever performed on Kada CDs made appearances. In addition, the DVD includes a recording of the presentation of the CD "Bucsuzas" at Barka Szinhaz in 2001, and excerpts from concerts in the Roxkwell Klub (Miskolc) in 2004 and on the Pesti Est Stage at the Sziget Festival in 2005.

The collection is exciting even for those who are already familiar with all three Kada CDs, since half of the recordings have not been previously released while the pieces already well known are presented in a unique way. The band has always emphasized improvisation at their live concerts - so much so that their free music has attained a seemingly organized form. Their albums include less and less studio recordings, while featuring more and more concert recordings - which, in spite of crossing borders, take an increasingly traditional form.

1.PeCsa Improv
3.Kind of Blues
5.Út a dalhoz - Road to the Song
6.Folk Song
7.Csak egy hangulat - Just a Mood
8.Búcsúzás - Farewell
9.Szimmetria variáció - Symmetry Variation
10.Találó - Finder (Bárka-version)
11.Kapuk - Gates
12.Miles Eyes
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BGDVD 01 DVD 2006   17.00
Ohoáé jazz comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! The band formed in 1995, and since that time they play their music of a very high standard, that the international progressive and underground music press considers their compositions mixtures of Frank Zappa’s, David Thorn’s, King Crimson’s and Soft Machine’s music. This new album keeps this high standard and unique style - which is only peculiar to Kada. The main characteristic of these colourful compositions, which are mostly longer than 5 minutes, is improvisation. Every track has been recorded at different concerts (Sziget Fesztivál, Petőfi Csarnokban, Millenáris Park…) between 2001 and 2003, but the sound is as good as it was a studio-recording. Due to this Ohoáé reflects the atmosphere and penetrating force of the concerts, which are also illustrated with two videos (Tokaj, Ambientry) on the disc. Digipack cover is exacting as usual, graphic artist used up the great drawings
of the band leader’s 4 year old child for the artwork.

László Válik - guitar
Attila Boros - bass
Gergely Ballai - drums
Gábor Kollmann - sax
Gergely Katona - pozan, trumpet, percussion
Győző Mogyoró - percussion

3.Lekvár a robot kavéban
4.Isten, ördög és a Superman
6.Folk Song
7.Blues For Salvador
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BGCD 132 CD 2004   13.00
Farewell (2CD)
(Búcsúzás (2CD))
progressive jazz

Enlarge this picture! This double album contains still a hardly categorizable instrumental music. Avantgarde rock, art rock, fusion, alternative, progressive rock or free – all of them is true. Composed themes and improvisations. On both CDs electric guitar takes the lead, not playing down at the least the wind instruments. (trumpet, fluegelhorn, trombone, baritone and alto saxes) Special artistic paper package.

Gergely Ballay - drums
Attila Boros - bass
Gergely Katona - trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone
Gábor Kollmann - baritone & alto saxes
Gyözö Mogyoró - conga, darbuca
Dániel Váczi - sopranino saxophone
László Válik - guitar, effects

Sámuel Gryllus - bass

1.Nergilé (Intro) (1:18)
2.Nergilé (8:51)
3.Búcsúzás (Farewell) (7:41)
4.Borelo (12:43)
5.Szimmetria variáció (Symmetry Variation) (10:29)
6.Az utolsó ing - akusztikus változat (The Last Shirt - acoustic version) (1:58)
7.Beavatkozás I. (Intervention I.) (10:21)
8.Beavatkozás II. (Intervention II.) (3:22)
1.A beavatkozás folytatódik (Intervention Continued) (13:21)
2.Sziget, csutörtök - koncert (Island, Thursday - live) (14:12)
3.Népzene (Folk Music) (14:11)
4.A Forrás (The Source) (2:54)
5.Sziget, szombat - koncert (Island, Saturday - live) (12:41)
6.Az utolsó Ing - teljes változat (The Last Shirt - full version) (10:28)
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BGCD 072-073 CD 2001   18.00
Kada progressive rock rock

Enlarge this picture! It is rather difficult to determine the group under a genre. If you moulded the music of Frank Zappa, David Torn, Soft Machine and King Crimson and placed the mixture into the 21st century, you would get the formula: K A D A.

László Válik - guitar
Attila Boros - bass
Gergely Ballai - drums
Gábor Kollmann - sax
Gergely Katona - pozan, trumpet, percussion
Győző Mogyoró - percussion

1.Csinvat I.
2.Csinvat II.
3.Kapuk - Gates
4.Bőr és sár - Skin and Mud
6.Kereső - Seeker
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BGCD 029 CD 1999   13.00