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Három esztendő world music

Enlarge this picture! The Ensemble "Holdudvar" was established in a camp of music during summer 1999. Melinda Fellegi, Miklós Sebestyén and Tamás Torda-Molnár met each other during their studies of classical music. Their common objective was to give a new interpretation to the Hungarian folk music, with their compositions based on knowledge of classical music, using, however, elements of pop music, in order to show the eternal values of this art. In 2000, Balázs Szendőfi joined the ensemble who, with his characteristic style, created a typical jazz-like harmony. Holdudvar plays musical arrangements of Hungarian folk music. At the very beginning, they engaged themselves to play the melody and the text of the original folk songs unchanged, thus subordinating the freest and most audacious settings to the originality of the folk music. This respect have resulted in a moderate "Holdudvar-style". The album „Három esztendő” (Three years) edited now by Periferic Records has multicolour elements thanks to the thorough and always searching creation as well as to the excellent musicians who have composed with Holdudvar. Anyone having ever worked with Holdudvar has greatly contributed to the musical values of the ensemble. Thus, the Holdudvar's first disk contains both meditative mourning songs and improvisations inspired by folk music, as well as playful and almost traditional folk songs or animated sarcastic songs. Holdudvar's, „Három esztendő” (Three years) is a very diversified but still uniform album expressing, in his own particular way, the importance and modern message of Hungarian folk music.

Melinda Fellegi - piano, synthesizer, vocal
Miklós Sebestyén - acoustic and electric guitar, vocal, synthesizer
Balázs Szendőfi - bass, Chapman Stick
Tamás Torda-Molnár - kaval, flute, piano, vocal
Gergely Balázs - violin
Eszter Bartha - vocal
Gábor Dörnyei - drums, percussion

1.Hegyizene (8:03)
2.Gyöngyvirág (5:30)
3.Kerek a szőlő levele (5:07)
4.Folyóvíz (5:00)
5.Tánc a sötétben (3:51)
6.Sirató (7:00)
7.Haramia (3:11)
8.Visszhang (1:32)
9.Rózsa (6:59)
10.Moldva (4:20)
11.Bonchidai menyecskék (3:48)
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BGCD 119 CD 2003   12.00