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One From The Studio - One From The Stage (2CD) jazz

Enlarge this picture! The band was founded by three American and two Hungarian well educated and well known musicians. The common musical expressions and the way of feeling about music and life brought them together. First they went on tour and then to the studio in March – May 1998. The recording session has started in Hungary and continued in New York. This record is a 24 track analog recording. The band was playing together in the studio. There is no overdub recording with the exeption of Mike Stern’s work.
The ten years old popular Hungarian modern jazz group, leading by Pál Vasvári and Julius Chepreghy was on tour with its favourite American star musicians – Alex Acuna Weather Report) on drums and percussion, Russell Ferrante (YellowJackets) on keyboards, Dave Samuals (Spyro Gyra) on marimba and vibes. The recording was made on the last concert in National Theatre Pécs, Hungary. This is a direct digital recording to DAT.

Mike Stern - guitar
Dave Samuels - marimba, vibes
Julius Chepreghy - tenor and sopran sax
Russell Ferrante - piano, keyboards
Pál Vasvári - bass
Alex Acuna - drums, percussion

CD1 - In the Studio
1.Spring High (8:52)
2.Innsbruck (7:28)
3.Moza (6:00)
4.V. (7:01)
5.Turnaround (8:06)
6.Waltz (6:44)
7.Cheese and Wine (9:09)
8.Tata (7:27)
CD2 - On the Stage
1.One Step Ahead (9:54)
2.Innsbruck (9:37)
3.Waltz (8:50)
4.Duck Song (16:35)
5.Tata (7:11)
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BGCD 032-033 CD 1999   14.00