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Flock Rock - The Best of the Flock (digitally remastered) rock

Enlarge this picture! Tracklist:
Introduction - Clown - I Am The Tall Tree - Tired Of Waiting For You - What Would You Do If The Sun Died? - Lollipops and Rainbows - Green Slice - Big Bird - Hornschmeyer's Island - Crabfoot - Mermaid - Chanja - Atlantians Truckin' Home - Afrika - Just Do It

Superb collection of classic Flock tracks, originally released in 1993 on the Sony BMG label.
Formed in the late 1960's in Chicago, the band were noted for their unorthodox approach to art rock, incorporating horns and other instrumentation into rock and jazz forms. Key to the band's sound were their guitarist/keyboard player FredGlickstein and virtuoso violinist Jerry Goodman– formerly their guitar tech – who went on to play with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and The Dixie Dregs.
The band were championed in their early days by English blues legend John Mayall, who famously dubbed them the "best American band" he'd heard and wrote the band's first album's liner notes.
The Flock were the band that Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant pulled the plug on at the 1970 Bath Festival because they were playing for too long and Grant wanted to get Zeppelin on as the sun went down.
This allegedly resulted in a few punches being thrown between the respective road crews – so much for 60's love and peace!

3.I Am The Tall Tree
4.Tired Of Waiting For You
5.What Would You Do If The Sun Died?
6.Lollipops and Rainbows
7.Green Slice
8.Big Bird
9.Hornschmeyer's Island
13.Atlantians Truckin' Home
15.Just Do It
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The Flock / Dinosaur Swamps (2CD) jazz

Enlarge this picture! 1969 and 1970 albums, originally released on the CBS record label and now available for the first time as a 2 on 1 CD. Originally based in Chichago, The Flock presented an exciting new direction in contemporary music: a subtle fusion of sounds drawn from the bedrock of blues, jazz, gospel, rock, country and many other sources. Described as „the best band I’d heard in America” by John Mayall who wrote the sleevenote for their first LP, presumably because he was so impressed with them. Features Jerry Goodman, who later was in jazz ’supergroup’ the Mahavishnu Orchestra with John Mclaughlin.

The Flock:
1. Introduction 2. Clown 3. I Am The Tall Tree 4. Tired Of Waiting 5. Store Bought ? Store Thought 6. Truth

Dinosaur Swamps:
7. Green Slice 8. Big Bird 9. Hornschmeyer?s Island 10. Lighthouse 11. Crabfoot 12. Mermaid 13. Uranian Sircus

3.I Am The Tall Tree
4.Tired Of Waiting
5.Store Bought Store Thought
1.Green Slice
2.Big Bird
3.Hornschmeyer's Island
7.Uranian Sircus
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