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Night Driving jazz

Enlarge this picture! Sándor Tóth - sax
Péter Sárik - piano
György Frey - bass
Gábor Dörnyei - drums, vocal

3.Romantic Bossa
5.Back Home
8.Night Driving
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BIBORKA03 CD 2006   13.00
Few Minutes Dream jazz

Enlarge this picture! The Few Minutes Dream offers a wide range of styles and genres from lyrical and evocative ballads to songs featuring upbeat saxophone and piano solos and popular Swing and Latin tunes. Although stylistically diverse, all the songs are the manifestation of the intimate creative relationship of five individual musicians formed during an intense period of joint pactice and play.

Péter Sárik - piano
György Frey - bass
Sándor Tiba - drums
Sándor Tóth - sax
Sándor Ifj. Fődő - percussion

Barnabás Pély - vocal
Krisztina Pocsai - vocal

1.Reggae, Steady Go
3.Bird In The Tree
4.Where Did You Go?
5.Tale Of My Father
6.Few Minutes Dream
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BIBORKA02 CD 2004   18.00
Ways jazz

Enlarge this picture! The members of the band (Sándor Tóth – sax, Péter Sárik – piano, János Lutz – contrabass, Béla Ferge – drums) met at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Musical Art, Budapest. After graduation they became popular jazz and session musicians. During the years they have been playing together in different bands but this jazzpression formation provides the most for each them. The course of continous playing together was the origin of their own compositions which give the unique Jazzpression sound. The compositions are different from the American style as more and more European classical and folk elements appear in their music which requires deep concentration and coordination in this style. They consider as their mission, to make more people aware of their music and instill an interest in jazz.

1.In the Street / az utcán
2.Flying / Repülés
3.Winter Tale / Téli mese
4.Ways / Utak
5.Two in One / Kettő az egyben
6.On the Way to You / Útban Hozzád
7.I say Goodbye / Viszlát
8.Thanks, we'reFine / Kösz' jól vagyunk
9.Simple Song / Egyszerű dal
10.Our Dreams / Álmaink
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B 021219 CD 2002   16.00