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Dobos, Julius
Mountain Flying classical progressive progressive

Enlarge this picture! Julius Dobos is a young composer, multi-instrumentalist and a great talent. He composed original soundtracks for the American and Hungarian film industry. His first album was released in 60.000 copies, but it was never sold in shops or stores. It was made for NOKIA for only promotional use.
This new album is a fantastic concept album. It brings visions into every listeners’ eyes and mind.
The music makes you think of peace, the love of nature and humans. No war, no violence and no hate!!
It is very hard to define the musical style, genre. Let us say: symphonic poem, but it is almost pure instrumental. All synts played by Julius Dobos.
Featuring the 80-piece MISKOLC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. So dear listener the symphonic sounds on this album are REAL!! Played by real cello, double bass, violin, flute, drums, horns and by many other classical instruments.
The BUDAPEST MONTEVERDI CHOIR counts 50 members. They are internationally well-known and well accepted. The choir won several contests and prizes.
All orchestration made by AFTER CRYING’S cellist/bassist PETER PEJTSIK !! Peter has worked for more than 4 months on this project to put all parts on the sheet.
You can hear a great star singing in two pieces on the album. Her name is well-known for all folk and film music lovers: MÁRTA SEBESTYÉN. She’s got Grammy and she was the singer of the title song of the film: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"The English Patient\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" which has got the Oscar.
At the end of the album there is a poem told by PATRIK McMULLAN. He was member of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Dr FEELGOOD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Now he lives in Hungary and he is the leader of the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"IRISH ROVERS OF BUDAPEST\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", the folk band in which there are two members from AFTER CRYING: Peter Pejtsik (violin) and Ferenc Torma (benjo, guitar).
Those who like the symphonic works of Mike Oldfield, The Moody Blues, Vangelis or John Williams – don’t have to wait and hesitate: go for this incredible album.

Julius Dobos - piano, keyboards
Arnold Antoni - guitars
Barna Gábos - bamboo flutes
Judit Andrejszki - vocal
Márta Sebestyén - vocal
Orsolya Winkler - violin
McMullan Patrick - words
Péter Pejtsik - cello

Symphonic Orchestra, Miskolc
Budapest Monteverdi Choir

1.Overture (9:02)
2.Mountain Flying (8:29)
3.Woodland (8:40)
4.Mountain Flying II. (5:09)
5.Adventure (4:05)
6.Mountain Flying III. (3:35)
7.Oriental Voyage (4:33)
8.New Pangea (9:27)
9.The Last Millennium (3:38)   
10.Life (8:37)
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BGCD 051 CD 1999   10.00