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Csipke Camp 2012
(Csipke Tábor 2012)

Enlarge this picture! „An invitation to play overseas is always a significant event in the life of a band. The band is spurred on to create a new concert, to expand their repertoire and to make a new CD, and it is also especially to our delight when we are invited to a place where we have travelled before. For us, this is Csipke Tábor, North America’s most significant, and according to many, best Hungarian folk music and folk dance camp. (…) At this year’s camp, participants are able to learn dances from Decs (Sárköz) and dances from Ördöngösfüzes (Northern-Mezőség), and int he spirit of the teaching material, the majority of the CD will showcase dance music from Sárköz and Northern-Mezőség (…) In addition to this, we selected material that has been dear to us for many years, but has never made it onto a CD, and in this case everything is new.” – Péter Árendás

István Papp „Gázsa” – violin, vocals
Levente Székely – violin
Péter Árendás – viola, vocals
Dániel Szabó – cimbalom, vocals
Róbert Liber – double bass, bass

Attila Csurai – prímtambura
Csaba Taba – voice
Ádám Takács – violin

1.Decsi mulatónóták, verbunk és friss (Sárköz)
2.Bethleni lakodalmas
3.Viski Rudi nótái (Kalotaszeg)
4.Ördöngösfüzesi táncok
5.Egy batuka Salának
6.Sárközi táncok
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Rhythm Addiction folk

Enlarge this picture! "At the beginning there was rhythm..." The CD would like to give a glimpse into this magical through the archaic folklore characteristic to East-Central Europe (the Carpathian-basin), which preserves in its style, its instrumental ornaments and naturally in its rhythms a European baroque musical legacy as well. The music in this CD comes predominantly from the Hungarian and Romanian communities of Transylvania and is closely-knit to dance, which explains the sophisticated rhythms, the suite-like musical forms and its peculiarly tight execution.

Erika Demeter - voice
István Papp Gázsa - violin
Levente Székely - violin
Péter Árendás - viola
Dániel Szabó - cimbalom, voice
Endre Liber - cimbalom, viola
Róber Liber - double bass
Lőrinc Szász - double bass

2.Violin Competition
3.Baroque Memories from Transylvania
4.Rumanian Asymmetries
5.In Harmony
6.Dance Suite
7.Joy and Sorrow
8.Hungarian Dulcimer
9.Finale: "Peacock-Variations"
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