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Varga János Project
With Heart and Soul - Live (2CD)
(Szívvel, lélekkel - koncert (2CD))
progressive rock rock

Enlarge this picture! The new double concert-CD of the Varga János Project has come out: Szívvel, lélekkel / With Heart and Soul. It was recorded at the concert organised for Varga Janó’s 60th anniversary at the MOM Cultural Centre (Budapest). It is particular about the Varga János Project that it is the first CD of the joint performance of Luca Kézdy and the Sturcz Quartet.

It is a complete overview selected from the works of the last 17 years and offers a real treat for the lovers of instrumental music.
The first 20-minute performance (Indulnom kell / I must be going) reminded well the original progrock acoustics so typical for the Project.
It was followed by the beautiful acoustic adaptation (violin-cello-guitar-percussion) of three songs from the CD Wing of Revelation II awarded by the audience with enthusiastic applause.
In the third part of the concert the Project played together with the Sturcz Quartet. The ensemble of eleven had an overwhelming success with the extremely exciting and vibrating music and four brand new compositions had their première, which were written for the future common concerts of the Project and the Quartet.

The pieces of music on the double CD were selected from the two-and-a-half-hour concert thus allowing us to revive the best moments of the unforgettable performance.
The photos of the publication let those who were present and even those who were not present at the concert enjoy the atmosphere of the venue (….)

We recommend with all our heart the new VJP double live CD to all those people, who love the music of John McLaughlin and/or Mahavishnu Orchestra – of course in some cases with more rock elements. We can say with confidence that the new VJP-60 album is a world-class rock-jazz, jazz-rock, progressive rock, acoustic rock CD, and it really gives us more than 2 hours JOY of music-listening.

János Varga - guitar
Luca Kézdy - violin
István Király - drums
Zsolt Nagy - keyboards
Gergely Banos - bass
Tsoukalas Hristos - percussion
Kálmán Mády - percussion
János Varga Jr. - guitar

Sturcz Quartet:
András Sturcz - cello
Gyula Benkő - viola
Gergely Kuklis - violin
András Csonka - violin

1.I Must Be Going
2.Fight of Mind
3.Mysterious Stars
4.Welcome to the Jungle
5.Shadows and Lights (acoustic)
6.Our Long Dance (acoustic)
7.Candles (acoustic)
8.With Heart and Soul
9.Pentatonic Attack
2.East-West Express
3.Gallop in the Desert
4.Taj Mahal
5.Springtime in Hungary
6.Respect for the Master
7.Dancing Fingers
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VJP 003-004 CD 2017   19.00
progressive instrumental

Enlarge this picture! János Varga was one of the founders of the legendary Hungarian prog.rock band East! He plays together with original East-drummer István Király and keyboard player Zsolt Nagy.
„The use of different musical styles and rhythms, as well as different keyboard and guitar sounds, all driven along by powerful drumming, makes this a band that is exciting to listen to. It is never boring and while as an instrumental album it can be played as background music, the listener gets far more out of it if he pays careful attention. … There is little in the music to suggest its’ origins, and this is a good place to start discovering just how good some of the prog music is that is coming out of Hungary.”
(Kev Rowland – Feedback)
„The music keeps melding and moving, sometimes slowly and reflective while at others dynamic and powerful.” (Jurriaan Hage - Axiom of Choice)
„I think this is a good album and all the East fans must listen to this one too.”

János Varga – guitars, synthesizers, bass
István Király – drums
Zsolt Nagy – keyboards

György Ferenczi - violin

3.Rózsák a folyón
4.Kelet-nyugat expressz
5.Tisztelet a mesternek
7.Körbe és körbe
8.Pentaton attak
9.A helyes út
10.Megvalósult álom
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VJP 01 CD 2009   14.00
The Wings Of Revelaton II. progressive instrumental

Enlarge this picture! The legendary ex-East guitarist's second album. The Wings Of Revelation II. continues the first album's music traditions. In addition to János Varga and István Király (ex-East) drummer the chapman stick player Péter Háry, who helped in concerts and keyboardist Szabolcs Nagy joined the band for this time. This long-awaited new album is a must for all progressive an symho-rock fans. The band has many successful performances in France and Begium behind them, and now they are intend to start a new concert tour at Hungarian clubs and festivals.

János Varga (ex-East) – guitars
István Király (ex-East) – drums
Szabolcs Nagy – keyboards
Péter Háry - Chapman Stick

2.Shadows and Lights
3.The Released Spirit
4.The Power of Love
5.With Hearth and Soul
6.Our Long Dance
8.Memento A
9.Memento B
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BGCD 114 CD 2002   13.00
The Wings Of Revelation I. progressive instrumental

Enlarge this picture! János was one of the founders of the legendary Hungarian band East! Thanks to the Japanese King Records, which licensed their music, the whole world got to know East and János Varga! Somehow everybody knew, that there was a rumour about a project which had not been released yet! Now János recorded the long awaited CD, where past meets present. Next to the typical old themes, one can listen to the new compositions as well. Both the old and new songs were recorded with excellent techniques from the 21st Century. The Wings Of Revelation I., deserves its place amongst all the real music lovers over the whole world.

This music is step into a world, where fantasies fly high and nothing can stop the wings of revelation, where past meets present.

János Varga (ex-East) – guitars
István Király (ex-East) – drums
Zoltán Lengyel (After Crying) – keyboards, piano

1.I Must be Going (19:39)
2.Matching Souls (5:33)   
3.Sunrise (4:46)
4.Hard Life (3:34)
5.All I Can Give (5:19)
6.The Wings of Revelation (8:16)
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BGCD 064 CD 2000   12.00