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AT Ensemble
world music jazz

Enlarge this picture! Well known Hungarian folk and jazz musicians play sophisticated, intelligent world music. One can realise that the musicians are well trained and have solid roots in jazz music. World famous singer Irén LOVÁSZ is also featured on the album. (Her most famous release is called: WORLD TREE.) She and her music-mates can be found on albums of MAKÁM too.

Bárány Péter - acoustic guitar, bass
Gavodi Zoltán - clarinet
Gyulai Csaba - violin, viola, viola da gamba, percussion
Koós László - guitar
Mizsei Zoltán - keyboards, piano, psalterium, percussion

Lovász Irén - vocal
Váczi Dániel - sax
Kőszegi Péter - bass
Dés András - percussion

2.Én felkelék - I Get Up   
3.Iniciálé - Initial
4.Pókháló - Cobweb
5.Lélekbál - Ball of Soul
6.Szeszélyes - Caprice
7.Szárnyak - Wings
8.Időcsepp - Drop of Time
9.Szemek - Eyes
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BGCD 074 CD 2001   10.00
Quant Je Suis Mis Au Retour - Jazz from the Middle Age
(Quant Je Suis Mis Au Retour - Jazz a középkorból)
world music jazz

Enlarge this picture! After many successful shows following their first album (1993) they produced their second record. Even its subtitle (Jazz from the Middle Ages) suggest that the group stick to the path on which they have started in their formerly works, namely, they very successfully mix the musical sources of different ages with their own ideas, improvisations, thus they form a sound that is peculiar exclusively to them. This music is solemn and fluent, balmy and arousing at the same time.
As we can read in the appraisal of the music, it would be understandable and enjoyable only for those who are free from any kind of partiality and admissive to receive and accept any musical experience in its entirety. For those the new AT album is the Paradise of Music, where music plays with us.

Péter Bárány - acoustic guitar, baglama, bass, percussion
Zoltán Gavodi - clarinet, percussion, flauto dolce, tin whistle, recorder, schalmei
Csaba Gyulai - violin, gadulka, zither, kalimba, percussion, psalterium
László Koós - acoustic guitar, percussion, psalterium
Zoltán Mizsei - piano, synthesizer, percussion, psalterium

1.Quant je suis mis au retour...
2.Tarator (for Milko Manchevsky)
3.Keresztutak - Crossroads
5.Hetedik tónus - Seventh Tone
6.Újhold - New Moon
8.Mariam Matrem Virginem
9....le is út - Get Thee Gone!
10.Esőcsináló - Rainmaker
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PJ 1005 CD 1995   8.00
Alia Terra world music jazz

Enlarge this picture! Considering their musical purposes Alia Terra do under the category of those performers, who try to abolish borderlines that demarcate the traditional styles. In their music we can discover a surprising mixture of rock, jazz with the medieval European, Levant and Far Eastern musical world. Synthesiser nicely harmonises with zither or gadulka. This post-modern style esteems exclusively none of traditions, thus it creates a world what is traditionalist and revolutionary new at the same time. As the musicians say: “It is rock music of the new, post-modern, international Gothic”. Their first album was made at a jazz jamboree in august, 1993. Their special musical world with their professional performing make them the most promising formation of the Hungarian ethno-jazz.

Péter Bárány - acoustic guitar, bass, percussion
Zoltán Gavodi - clarinet, percussion, recorder, schalmei
Csaba Gyulai - violin, gadulka, zither, kalimba, percussion
László Koós - acoustic guitar, percussion
Zoltán Mizsei - piano, synthesizer, percussion

1.Under Der Linden
2.Painter's Palette
3.Towers Of South
4.Shelf Of Kisses (for F.R.)
7.Some Music (for E)
8.El Testament D'Amelia
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HSJR 2005 CD 1994   8.00