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Kárácsonyi koncert 2013 - Tíz éves a Transylmania folk rock

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2.Adjon Isten
3.Indulj el
4.Este jő
5.Jobb otthon
6.Ez a világ
7.Még egyszer
8.Bonchidai menyecskék
9.Tíz év
10.Mert tudnom kell
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KGDVD 2013/1 DVD 2013   14.00
Because I Have to Know...
(Mert tudnom kell...)
folk rock

Enlarge this picture! The Szekler man’s look reveals everything, even if he wants to keep secrets. A glance and you know you’re invisibly X-rayed. A Szekler man and woman do not want you to notice them because the weather-beaten faces and smiling girls’ eyes are reserved and open up with difficulty. It is difficult to get close to the souls. Music, the musician’s destiny is nevertheless different because you have to express yourself, you have to tell your sorrow, joy hidden in a motive or in poetic phrases. You go onto the stage to play music – you jolt in the tour-coach even when it rains, snows, it’s hot. You have to go where you’re waited for; where people wait for the violin-sounds, the songs, thoughts, drums and screams of guitars. Because everyone has to know who he is, where he comes from, ‘cause you have to know how you’ll stand before your eternal Judge. TransylMania has found the key – both in music and texts – in the ever clearer and accomplished harmony. In my humble way I was present when their third album was born, as once we shook hands – which lasts for our lifetime. Because, me too, I had to experience, I had to know who I was. We needed that handshake, the common marvellous concerts and certain tragic moments. TransylMania follows its proper way, it has found a narrow path leading to good direction in the definitely confused music labyrinth of the world. It is a pleasure to listen to the album as it is full of signposts showing the right way. All songs are new handshakes, music masterpieces, an embracement – and you learn who you are. But you should know that nowadays the world is different: it is about globalization, forced uniformity and some musicians’ fight for survival, our language, a disintegrated homeland and a dismembered nation. You should know it, you who listen to this album, you should know we belong together. Because in my bad nights, tired dawn, me too, I have to know that there are lofty souls whispering “not to give up” to me by music and poems. They do this with quietness, definite espousal, the infallible knowledge of infinity. That is the theme of the new album. Listen to it and think about.
Gergely Koltay

Szilamér Cseresznyés – bassguitar, voice
Emília Cseresznyés - vocal
Margit Szélyes - voice
Imre Tókos - guitar
Robert Melkuhn – wind instruments
Csaba Gáspár - violin
Arthur Hompoth – drums

1.Tavaszi szél (8:33)
2.Kapufelirat (5:02)
3.Ének 2008-ból (4:03)
4.Ha az Isten úgy gondolná (5:05)
5.Édes Anna (5:22)
6.A remény (6:00)
7.Mert tudnom kell (4:14)
8.Töltik a nagy erdő útját (6:04)
9.Én tükre vagyok (5:34)
10.Vágyvers (2:59)
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BGCD 194 CD 2008   12.00
El ne add az ősi házat folk rock

Enlarge this picture! Szilamér Cseresznyés – bass, vocal
Arthur Hompoth – drums
Ferenc Ségercz - flutes
Margit Szélyes - vocal
Ferenc Orbán - violin
Emília Cseresznyés - vocal
Imre Tókos - guitar

1.Ha folyóvíz volnék (0:57)
2.Még egyszer (4:22)
3.Anyám intése (4:03)
4.Erdély felől (4:22)
5.Kicsi madár (6:02)
6.Felnégyelt haza (5:52)
7.Tiszteld a gyermeket (3:38)
8.Dal a dalban (4:32)
9.Elpártolt liliomszál (5:40)
10.Jobb otthon (4:25)
11.Jöttem is, mentem is (3:38)
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BGCD 160 CD 2006   12.00
May It Be As It Was
(Legyen úgy, mint régen volt)
folk rock

Enlarge this picture! Transylvania hides treasures. It tries to mask and preserve them from the world which keeps destroying itself. If you go there, it pours its secrets with open heart. The Székely man prefers giving and he does not look at what he has in return. He gives everything belonging to him – with honesty and honour. You get troubled by his straightforward way of thinking and speaking. He wants to love with his regards, his brioche or his brandy/pálinka offered early morning.
He requires to be respected, stands with straight spines in the world as the pine trees in Hargita – “where the hard stones ache as living hearts”.
It was an unbelievable meeting at New Year Night 2002 on the programme of Duna Television. An ensemble from the Land of Székely expected for the Kormorán concert appeared on the screens.
It snowed but the melody made people smile and glad in spite of the keen frost. At was then that I have known TransylMania.
I had no idea who they were, why they started to play the Kormorán songs. I could not feel that life long experience would follow and life long friendship has started - there, in that very moment. Then, we made a common concert tour in Transylvania and the time spent together convinced all of us that there are heroic Székely soldiers of Hungarian culture at the borderlands.
TransylMania has chosen a difficult way to follow. Perhaps the most difficult. It mixes certain elements of the international musical language, the rock with Hungarian folk music and Hungarian poetry. This album proves: it is a success. With particular sensibility and musical talent, they created a characteristic musical style and language. Listening to the songs, I see the mountains and the small villages, I feel the clean air of Transylvania and the touch of God’s finger. I hear the mysterious quarrels of the pine trees with their tips reaching heaven and imagine the laughing Székely girls and all tricks of the crafty men.
The music of TransylMania: the kiss of the soul.
/Gergely Koltay - KORMORÁN/

Attila Bogyor - vocal, guitar
Gábor Bogyor - keyboards
Emília Cseresznyés - vocal
Szilamér Cseresznyés - bass, vocal
Jocó Kátai - drums
Ferenc Ségercz - flute, turk-pipe
Margit Szélyes - vocal
Imre Tókos - guitar, vocal

Álmos Gáspár (Kormorán) - violin
Gergely Koltay (Kormorán) - turk-pipe
Miklós Szabó (Kormorán) - guitar
István Szűts (Kormorán) - keyboards
László Gál - poem

1.Indulj el (4:54)
2.Három szín (4:01)
3.Este jő (4:14)
4.Bonchidai menyecskék (4:40)
5.Hazám, hazám (3:23)
6.Pávás / Szűz / Leány (3:17)
7.Húzd a harangot (3:10)
8.Legyen úgy, mint régen volt (4:09)
9.Nem nyugszunk bele (5:52)
10.Adjon Isten (5:38)
11.Ez a világ (5:03)
12.Erdély (5:48)
13.Üzenet haza (6:14)
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BGCD 134 CD 2004   12.00