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You and I
Exit rock progressive

Enlarge this picture! During the spring of 1999 the final lineup of the band was formed. Tamás Nádházi set behind the drums and gave his colourful musical style to the band. You and I decided to make an album without musical compromises, filled with music that can carry the highest musical and spiritual values. The result of a one and a half years\\\' work is their latest album \\\'EXIT\\\' that covers the always actual thoughts of the Book of Dead of Tibet. Complex, coplete, high quality masterpiece. The members of the band do the best of their job, the orchestration and the composition is also unique. According to the plans, the band is going to perform at several Hungarian and outside places. The full lenght of the new material and the best pieces of the old albums will be played live. It is not going to be an ordinary rock gig, but a multiartistic event, where music, voice, lights and sight will also play emphasised role.

Fanni Völgyessy Szomor - vocal
Zsolt Kosztyu - guitar
Károly Dorogi - bass, narration
Gergő Szabó - keyboards
Tamás Nádházy - drums

1.Ne félj... - Don't Ever Fear... (3:36)
2.Ősfény - Ancient Light (7:52)   
3.Nagyon figyelj... - Now Listen (1:00)
4.Halálistenségek - Gods of Death (12:07)
5.Ki vagy... - Who are You... (2:17)
6.Észak - North (2:40)
7.Kelet - East (7:11)
8.Dél - South (3:09)
9.Nyugat - West (5:45)
10.Új kezdet... - Another Beginning... (1:51)
11.Matrix (8:26)
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BGCD 042 CD 2001   10.00
You and I progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! The first You and I CD shows clear marks of the influence of the progressive rock of the \\\'70s, classical music, modern poetry and ancient metaphysics. The band shows a preference for clear, rich melodies, strange harmonies, asymmetric rhythms, philosophical lyrics, hard riffs and other \\\"signs\\\" of the classic progressive music. The songs are both in English and Hungarian.

Fanni Völgyessy Szomor - vocal
Zsolt Kosztyu - guitar
Károly Dorogi - bass
Tamás Remenyik - keyboards

1.Clear, Real Life (5:47)
2.Ősz (5:46)
3.Wedding Day (7:32)
4.Engedj el (5:58)
5.Nemo (1:59)   
6.Novel (5:48)
7.Child of a Guiding (9:45)
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BGCD 041 CD 2001   10.00
Go rock progressive

Enlarge this picture! The band has a new formation, a renewed musical style and a new impulse. Of course the progressive roots are still recognisable in this colourful music, but they make an obvious effort to have more popularity and be easier to understand - fortunately it doesn\\\'t happen at their music\\\'s cost. A large scale of musical styles are covered up on the disc, but the material is still consistent, well-composed.

Fanni Völgyessy Szomor - vocal
Zsolt Kosztyu - guitar
Károly Dorogi - bass
Gergő Szabó - keyboards
Zoltán Czifra - drums

1.Someday, Somehow (4:05)
2.Moonsong (3:53)   
3.Decision (5:10)
4.Snowdance (7:15)
5.Angel Dream (4:25)
6.Mistaken (4:06)   
7.Invisible Ties (12:08)
8.Children of the Flame (4:13)
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BGCD 023 CD 1998   10.00