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Binder Károly / Borbély Mihály
Biboba - Live at Bayreuth jazz

Enlarge this picture! "It might as well be a sacrilege on my part to condense the names of two wonderful musicians and that of a famous city of culture this
way. But it is very tempting to give this title to Károly Binder and Mihály Borbély in Bayreuth. And that title now stands for a memorable
and absolutely dense musical experience on that night in November 2011. Who else could have served the aim of opening
the work-show of the Jazz Department at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, one of the most prestigious music education institutions
in the world?
On the bicentenary of Liszt, who was laid to rest in Bayreuth, we decided to look ahead more than we looked back into the past. What
challenge and what inspiration would the superstar of his age, Franz Liszt have posed to the world of music, had he lived in our age?
The art with which Károly Binder played on the grand Steingraeber piano, and Mihály Borbély on his saxophone, how their music
became a united piece of art, opened the festival in a fabulous way, coming about to show the overall formidable level of the Liszt Academy.
For us the festival has opened the way to a new friendship and thereby the possibility of regular musical exchange." Kaspar Schlösser

Károly Binder - piano
Mihály Borbély - sax

1.Sodrásban / Stream
2.Az örök visszatérés mítosza / The Myth of Eternal Returning
3.Folyópart / Riverside
4.Elmúlt idôk / Bygone Times
5.Mesélek neked / Fable
6.Tánczene / Dance Music
8.In Illo Tempore
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New Sounds I. jazz

Enlarge this picture! Károly Binder - piano
Mihály Borbély - sax, clarinet

1.No More Swing
2.Vizes falevelek (Wet Leaves)
3.Kakas (Cock)
4.Egzotikus bogarak (Exotic Insect)
6.Egy kiállítás lénye (Creatures at an Exhibition)
7.Mélység (The Depths)
9.Góliát (Goliath)
10.Afrika (Africa)
11.Ébredés (Waking Up)
12.Pontok és clusterek (Dots and Clusters)
13.Háromszólamú invenció (Invention in Three Voices)
14.Nekem, neked? (For Me, For You?)
15.Egy kis éji jazz zene (A Little Night Jazz Music)
16.Visszahang (Echo)
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New Sounds II. jazz

Enlarge this picture! Károly Binder - piano
Mihály Borbély - sax, clarinet

1.Az ébredő város kapujában (Int he Gates of the City Awakening)
2.Hőség (Heat)
3.Madarak (Birds)
4.Rhythm and Sax
5.Lúdium (Ludium)
6.Legényes (Lad Dance)
7.Bartókos (Bartók-like)
8.Földenergiák (Earth Energy)
9.Hagyaték (Legacy)
10.Mélységek és magasságok (Depths and Heights)
11.Zöld szivárvány (Green Rainbow)
12.Láz-adás (Revolt)
14.Szurdokban (Gorge)
15.Mormolás (Mumbling)
16.Napenergiák I. (Solar Energy I.)
17.Napenergiák II. (Solar Energy II.)
18.Párhuzamok és ellentétek (Paralells and Contrasts)
19.Transzverzális és longitudinális (Transverse and Longitudional)
20.Vibrációk (Vibrations)
21.Hangok és mozgások (Sounds and Motions)
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