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Then and now...
(Egykor és most...)

Enlarge this picture! The debut album of Rozsdamaró Ensemble mostly contains music from Transylvania, the western part of present-day Romania, where Romanians, Hungarians, and many other ethnic groups live together. Where not stated otherwise, the tunes they play are Hungarian ones, although quite often one cannot clearly separate the Hungarian and Romanian music of the region. Rozsdamaró Ensemble is a band of young musicians, who collect tunes from over the Hungarian border, they learn the music and the way of performance from known and unknown authentic folk musicians. The aim of their work is to keep the dance-houses alive for a long time, and to show this music of our ancestors to today’s people, and to the next generations.
In their words: „What follows is called táncház – a Hungarian word which has become known in many parts of the world as referring to a new attitude to traditional folk culture. But then, it’s all so simple – you could as well call it a dance, a party, a joc (in Romanian). It is a primal form of amusement, forgotten by many, and rediscovered by some. A celebration of a community. Villagers of old had no other choice than spend every day and every hour of their lives in a particular community. Amusement would mean something quite different from consuming the products of an entertainment industry. (…) And it is such communities that created and formed our favourite songs and tunes, which we are trying to convey by means of this disc. Just like each táncház, this is another attempt to revive tradition – to continue the thoughts of those who are now dead.”

Dániel Lipták - violin
Gábor Nagy - viola
Ádám Horváth - double bass

Lilla Polgár - vocal
Géza Fábri - koboz
Zsolt Barcza - accordion
Ferenc Pribojszki - cimbalom

1.Verbunk - Méra (Kalotaszeg)
2.Bonchidai román muzsika (Mezőség)
3.Ördöngősfüzesi cigánytánc és zsidótánc (Mezőség)
4.Keserves, verbunk és sebesforduló - Magyarpéterlaka (Marosszék)
5.Katonai kísérő keservesek - Méra (Kalotaszeg)
6.Bonchidai ritka és sűsű magyar (Mezőség)
7.Moldvai dal és tánc
8.Mérai csárdás és szapora (Kalotaszeg)
9.Egykor és most... - Elek (Békés megye)
10.Jár a kislány... - Szék (Mezőség)
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BGCD 144 CD 2004   10.00