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Balázs Elemér Group
Sounds of Diversity jazz

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1.Come with Me
2.Intro I.
3.Ezer év múltán
5.Left Behind
6.Balkan Ballad
8.Intro II.
9.When He Passed
10.Sounds of Diversity
11.Cold Light of Dawn
12.Painting in a Dream
13.I Never Felt This Way
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HRCD 1802 CD 2018   14.00
Endless Love - compilation
(Örök szerelem - válogatás)

Enlarge this picture! Elemér Balázs – drums
Nikoletta Szőke – vocal
Milán Szakonyi – vocal
József Balázs – piano
Áron Komjáti – guitar
Krisztián Pecek Lakatos – double bass
József Czibere – percussion
Budafoki Dohnányi Zenekar (symphonic orchestra)

2.Intro for Dance / Dance with the Wind
3.I don’t Got You Mean
4.Tales of the Woods
5.Intro for Together / Together Alone
6.The New Beginning
7.Intro for Bach / Hommage to Bach
9.Music Makes Me Alive
10.Intro for Sweet / Sweet and Bitter
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HRCD 1523 CD 2015   14.00
Memories jazz

Enlarge this picture! "We must remember. Memories are often painful, but they also give strenght and joy. Without memories tehre is no life." - Elemér Balázs

Elemér Balázs - drums, Paiste cymbals, Csibi sticks
József Balázs - keyboards
Klára Hajdú - vocals
Gábor Winand - vocals
József Czibere - percussion
Dávid Lamm - guitar
Márton Soós - double bass

2.Road to Light
3.Álmodj / Dream on
4.Be se borult
5.Melody for Dance
6.Con alma
7.I Don't Got You Mean
8.Fly Bird
10.Adventurous Journey
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XP 041 CD 2009   14.00
Best & Live 2001-2006 jazz

Enlarge this picture! The Balázs Elemér Group was founded by one of Hungary’s most well-known jazz drummers in 2001 and has since grown to be one of the most popular bands in the country. They have created an individual sound in which the male and female voices play an important role and provide an interesting contrast. In style, they happily rove the world of ethno-music and draw inspiration from other musical cultures. According to some reviewers this is the kind of absorbing music that is good to listen to in any situation. This concert DVD comprises the most popular and best songs of the last 5 years.

Elemér Balázs – drums
Klára Hajdú – voice
Gábor Winand – voice
András Dés – percussion
Dávid Lamm – guitar
Péter Glaser – double bass
József Balázs – piano, keyboards

1.Going to America
2.After The Storm
4.Around The World
6.Together Alone
7.Balkan Sky
8.Sweet And Bitter
9.Szeretőm e táncba
11.Arra kértem az én Jó Istenemet
12.Nagy erdő meséje
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XP 028 DVD 2007   13.00
Early Music jazz

Enlarge this picture! "Many people nowdays want to analyse, to interpret and to understand music. But they are forgetting that music doesen't really touch our reason but our senses and the soul, just as the musicians of the Baroque age used to think. And - whatever anyone may say - nothing affects the senses and the soul more vividly than a melody with it's beauty, it's colours or, as the ease may be, it's gloominess. Renaissance and Baroque tunes are particularly rich in such lively and soulful melodies. But those who despose melodies need to realise that all the things which we consider now as the most basic qualities of music, like polyphony, harmony, varied rhythms and what's particularly important for jazz-musicians - improvisation, were born at that time. Sicne then willingly or unwillingly, every musician has been drawing on this tradition, even if some refuses to acknowledge it: the greatest composers of our own age resort to it.
I hope hat through our interpretations of these Renaissance and Baroque pieces will make this world attractive to many people, that we can make "early music" more widely appreciated. But all of you will hear that the real protagonist of this record is not "early music" or jazz, it is the melody." - Elemér Balázs

Klára Hajdu - vocals,
Gábor Winand - vocals
András Dés - percussion
Dávid Lamm - guitar
Márton Soós - double bass,
József Balázs - keyboards,
Elemér Balázs - drums, Paiste cymbals, Csibi sticks

Núria Rial - vocals
Voces4 Ensemble (Zoltán Mizsei, András Demjén, Csaba Gyulai, Barnabás Hegyi) - voice
Zoltán Mizsei - keyboard
Barnabás Hegyi - keyboard
Nóra Kallai - viola da gamba

1.Girolamo Casati: Sanetissima virgo (részlet/extract)
2.Loyset Compére: Adoramus te Christe
3.Kálmán Oláh: Reflections on Goldberg 21
4.Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: O elemens (részlet / extract from "Salve Regina" c minor)
5.Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Eja ergo (részlet / extract from "Salve Regina" c minor)
6.Alessandro Grandi: Salve Regina (részlet / extract)
7.Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina - Fasciculus myrrhae
8.G. F. Handel: Courante Suite HWV 170, d moll/d minor
9.Guillaume de Machaut - Se d'amer me repentoie
10.Francisco Guerrero - Ave Maria
11.Guillaume de Machaut - Dame, je weil endurer
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XP 030 CD 2007   14.00