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Flótás együttes
Turn to This Sun
(Fordulj e nap felé!)

Enlarge this picture! The ‘Flótás’ band has been playing Traditional ‘csángó’ folk music since its forming in 2001. The aim of our band is to reveal, to promote, to hand on and to put the musical traditions of the still living ‘csángó’ culture back in its original function (playing music for dance, entertaining, self-expression).
Our band consists of people playing the most different trends of folk music, thus from the strings through the Bulgarian tunes to the ‘pávakör’ campaign a lot of styles formed the sound of the band. The great variety gives the atmosphere of a real team work.
It is important for our band to hold its regular dances, which wishes to give place to the authentic folk music and folk dance in Lajosmizse – a place which is not really known for its folk culture.
This disk wants to show a new side of our band, which reveals the work of our band between 2003 and 2005. The disk includes a different musical approach: ‘csángó’ folk music based on rewritings and keeping traditions.
The melodies you hear on the album originate from the harmonization of today’s people and the old days’ feelings. Therefore in many songs we used different scoring and interpretation than usual, because our aim was self-expression.

Csilla Dalos - singing, vocal
Irén Fekete - violin, guitar
Béla Drabant - drums, violin, zither, vocal
László Kovács - koboz, flute, tambura, singing
András Lőrincz - flute, kaval, Bulgarian kaval, singing

Additional musicians:
Attila Horváth – contrabass, 12 string guitar
Áron Szilágyi – jew’s harp, guttural singing
Csaba Dr. Talabos – drums, derbuka, can
Balázs Unger – dulcimer
Márk Varró – bagpipes

1.Hajnalozó - Dawning (5:35)
2.Libabőr - Goosebumps (6:35)
3.Ballada - Ballad (5:03)
4.Balkán - The Balkans (7:54)
5.Én felkelék - I get up (5:39)
6.Cserefa - Cserefa (4:31)
7.Vadkelet - Wild East (6:37)
8.Keserű - Bitter (4:18)
9.Kezes - Aurél után - Kezes - After Aurél (5:04)
10.Fohász - Prayer (2:43)
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BGCD 159 CD 2006   10.00