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Morotva zenekar

Enlarge this picture! The ensemble Morotva has a 15-year-old history. During this time we kept ourselves busy with the authentic way: gather, teach folk music, accompany folk dancers, and wiht thematic interpretation and performance of folk music. Our arrangements are based on folk songs, are combined with interludes and added improvisative inner voices. We play them on fok, classical and pop instruments. The traditional setting of the ensemble: violin-viola-bass, is extended by oboe, synthesizer, guitar and beating gardon. The music is written by Ottó Rőmer.
On our 2nd CD we tried to define and express the most important element of human life: Love. These pieces follow eachother, according to the appropriate period in our life. The hungarian folk music gives an example of every scenery with lots of inflictions. That is why it expresses uniquly the feeling of love.

Csenge Dobos – oboe
Katalin Dósa – voice, violin, synthesizer
Tamás Erményi – double bass
Noémi Fejér – voice, beaten gardon
Judit Rőmer – violas
Ottó Rőmer – violin, guitar, cobsa

Gergő Csendes - voice

1. Újévköszöntő / New Year Greetings
2. Harcsa / Catfish
3. Hidas Játék / Bridge Play
4. Cifra palota / Fancy Palace
5. Búza / The Wheat Shall Be Ripe
6. Tisza, Duna / From This Tisza To That Duna
7. Csutak / Out Here Under The Straw
8. „Szökős” / „Hop-dance”
9. Tisza / Where I Pass By
10. Szerelem / Love, Love

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