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Periferic 2002
Space & Art Rock From Hungary art-rock space space

Enlarge this picture! Radio programs and magazins as well as fans like and use our compilations very well. These CDs represent our activities committed to real measures of music. We released this CD to meet the expectations of media and music fans from all over the world. This time the title indicates that we focus on the best "SPACE & ART ROCK" artists represented by Periferic Records . We still believe in quality music, in the musical quality.
Gregory Böszörményi

1.D Sound – Budafok (5:11)
2.You & I – Ancient Light (7:52)
3.Colorstar – Morning Call (7:00)
4.Mindflowers – Walking the Path (8:24)
5.After@All – Chameleon (7:00)
6.Kada – Farewell (7:41)
7.Mini – Lord of the Vineyard (7:47)
8.Tóth Bagi Band – Old Love (6:10)
9.Korai Öröm – 2001/1 (6:50)
10.After Crying – Enigma / Struggle for Life II. (4:30)
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BGCD 104 CD 2002   10.00
Folk-World-Ethno From Hungary folk world music world music

Enlarge this picture! "While editing this CD I thought a label needs to have a compilation CD like this, because this is a simple and good way to represent the activity of Periferic Records. Compiling one song after the other it became more and more clear for me that this CD will not provide only promotional purposes. Simply it is good to listen to the compositions. I hope many music lovers feel as I feel : these songs are all fantastic folk music pieces of the last one or two years. I hope you are going to listen to the music with such appriciation as I have felt pleasure for compiling and releasing this CD."
Gregory Böszörményi

1.Bokros – Kecskés
2.Dongó – Találóskérdés
3.Bástya Citerazenekar – Kiskálosi fenyveserdő
4.Dűvő – Férfitáncok
5.Söndörgő – Oj stari
6.Vasmalom – Dudanóta
7.Ivánovics Tünde – Bánat, bánat, de nehéz vagy
8.Cifra – Magyarpéterlaki korcsos és sebes forduló
9.Szélkiáltó – Tánc
10.Ultramarin – Esti dal
11.Kerekes együttes – Erdélyes és kecskés
12.Magyar Tekerőzenekar – Vaddarazsak
13.Sebestyén Márta – What Child is this / Greensleeves
14.Vujicsics - Jozo
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BGCD 105 CD 2002   10.00