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Hot voices
(Forró hangok)
world music

Enlarge this picture! Róbert Benkő - double bass,
Evelin Tóth - vocal
Szabolcs Szőke - gadulka, sarngi, kalimba
Dániel Kardos - guitar

András Monori - kaval (9)

1.Forgatós hét - Twirling seven
2.Három arckép - Three portraits
3.Első szefárd ének - Sephardic song, no. 1 (trad.)
4.Távbeszélő - Mouth-piece
5.Forró hangok - Hot voices
6.Dávid citerája - David's zither
7.Madarak párbeszéde - Dialogue of birds
8.Második szefárd ének - Sephardic song, no. 2 (trad.)
9.Mondatok - Sentences
10.Arpeggio melancolico
11.Elbocsájtó dallam - Farewell tune
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EKTAR 1 CD 2005   11.00
Gerle ének world music

Enlarge this picture! "The two veterans (Szabolcs Szőke, Róbert Benkő) and the two young talents (Evelin Tóth, Dániel Kardos) form this, for the first time in autumn, 2002, on the GyőrFREE music festival introduced special ensemble. The Dowe Song is their second album. They play strong, characterized and improvizated chamber music, with Balcanic, Far-East and African impressions. According to their Indian name, they are on the same frequence, and they chain the written parts with collective improvisations, and melodie-variations. Beautiful, intimately, floating and pithy music, without cramp and circumlocation." Béla Szilárd Jávorszky, Népszabadság

Róbert Benkő - double bass
Dániel Kardos - guitar
Szabolcs Szőke - gadulka, kalimba, ektar, steel drum
Evelin Tóth - voice, mbira, sansa, ektar, harmonium

András Monori - kaval, gadulka
István Kerek - violin
Zoltán Farkas - violincello

1.Ostinato in cinque quarti
2.Canto delle tortore
4.Il ponte di Bassano
5.Musica con facilita'
6.Vivace in undici quarti
7.I. Cazone araba
9.II. Canzone araba
10.Nirjan e Mercedeh
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EKTAR 2 CD 2004   11.00