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Kerekes Band
Live at A38 world music

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1.Csángó Boogie (04:42)
2.14 Pengő (06:18)
3.Jellyfish (06:45)
4.Mádi Jancsi (07:08)
5.Voodoo Csárda (04:10)
6.Piros Fehér Zöld (03:33)
7.Folklore Man (03:28)
8.Alexanders Horse (03:04)
9.Medina (07:41)
10.Hazafelé (04:09)
11.Cpt. Space Wolf (04:13)
12.Ethno Funk (06:28)
13.Mr. Hungary (07:39)
14.Szantofer (08:14)
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Folklore Man world music

Enlarge this picture! Zsombor Fehér - flute; vocal
Csaba Námor - koboz; electric koboz
Ákos Csarnó - viola
Csaba Kónya - bass
Viktor Fehér - drums

Special Guest:
Juli Fábián - vocal (Waiting for the Sunshine)
Bertalan Farkas - voiceover (Cpt. Space Wolf)
Mike Finnigan - Hammond B3 (To Be Mine), vocal (Betyar Hero)
Paul Shields - voiceover (Betyar Hero)

1.Piros, Fehér, Zöld 04:08
2.Waiting for the Sunshine 03:32
3.Cpt. Space Wolf 03:52
4.Folklore Man 03:31
5.Betyar Hero 04:30
6.Voodoo Csárda 04:29
7.Lazy 03:17
8.Bartók in the Sky with Jesus 01:14
9.Alexander's Horse 03:18
10.To Be Mine 03:13
11.Mátra Volán 03:33
12.Take It Easy 06:10
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Fel a kalappal! world music

Enlarge this picture! From an ensemble playing authentic folk music from Gyimes and Moldva, through long and persistent learning and countless jam sessions for sheer love of the music, Kerekes Band has been 'polished' to become a band that mingles tunes of Hungarian folk music with a large variety of popular musical genres, creating a unique style they like to call 'Ethno Funk'. The international and countrywide success did not keep them waiting for too long; one of the most acknowledged world music magazines, the British Songlines voted their third album titled Pimasz to be one of the year's best world music albums ('Top of the World') in October, 2006. Fel a kalappal! (released in September, 2008) continues to enhance their unmistakable and further crystallized sound that couples folk instruments with modern electronics.

Zsombor Fehér - flute, electric bagpipe
Csaba Námor - electric koboz
Ákos Csarnó - viola
Csaba Kónya - bass, double bass
Viktor Fehér - drums

Mike Finnigan - Hammond B3 (track 4)
Barna Pély - vocal (track 6)

1.Ethno Funk
2.14 Pengő
3.Dr. Dudás
4.Pop Szegecs
5.Intro to Jellyfish
7.Mádi Jancsi
8.Rekecsini Reloaded
10.Tanyasi Jóska
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