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Jarre, Maurice
Film Music soundtrack

Enlarge this picture! 1.Doctor Zhivago, film score Doctor Zhivago Suite 2.Witness, film score Building The Barn 3.Dead Poets Society, film score Carpe Diem 4.Passage to India, film score Bombay March 5.A Walk in The Clouds, film score Victoria 5.Jacob\\\'s Ladder, film score Jacob\\\'s Ladder 6.Ryan\\\'s Daughter, film score Ryan\\\'s Daughter Suite 7.Gorillas in the Mist, film score Gorillas In the Mist 8.Ghost, film score Ghost 9.Agaguk, film score To the Top of The World 10.Fatal Attraction, film score Fatal Attraction 11.Lawrence of Arabia, film score Lawrence of Arabia Suite

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MCCD 277 CD 1996   5.00